Now Is the Time to Speak Out

With our nation on the brink of war, you can expect that until the war is over, or at least subsided somewhat, that domestic issues, such as jobs and the economy, are going to be neglected. One place where the war focus will become immediately obvious is in the news media. As we track workplace-related stories for our site’s Today’s News Headlines feature, we’ve already noticed a decline in the number of workplace-related stories–a decline which we expect to continue for a while, with war on everyone’s mind. If the workplace issues affecting you aren’t going away, even during the war, then you have to continue to speak out, to make sure these issues aren’t simply pushed aside, just because politicians and reporters think all the American public cares about is the war. At our site’s Action Center, you can contact national, state, and local media outlets to let them know what’s on your mind. While of course, we would like you to comment on workplace-related issues, you can use our site to quickly and easily contact the press about any issue that’s on your mind: the war, foreign policy, the economy, or anything else you care about. You can also contact your members of Congress on the Action Center’s Elected Officials page about anything you desire. While this is the home of Workplace Fairness’ action alerts on various issues, including judicial nominations and tax fairness, we encourage you to use our site to contact your members of Congress about any subject that’s important to you right now. It’s a very important time for all citizens to play an active role in politics and public opinion, and that starts with speaking out. Our site makes speaking out very easy, so no excuses–speak out now!

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Madeline Messa

Madeline Messa es estudiante de tercer año en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Siracusa. Se licenció en Periodismo en Penn State. Con su investigación jurídica y la redacción de Workplace Fairness, se esfuerza por dotar a las personas de la información que necesitan para ser su mejor defensor.