Your Workplace Rights

Your Rights

Tanpri chwazi youn nan sijè sa yo pou plis enfòmasyon:

Workplace Fairness was founded in 1994 as the National Employee Rights Institute (NERI). The name of the organization was changed in 2001 to reflect our effort to link the knowledge and work of employment rights attorneys with that of non-legal organizations and other individuals who are concerned with issues of fairness in the workplace.

Working together, professionals and citizens concerned with issues of workplace fairness more effectively build community awareness of workplace issues and promote progressive changes in employment law, policies, and practices.

Are you being treated differently at work? If so, is it because of your race, sex, age, disability, national origin or religion? Wondering what other kinds of discrimination are illegal?

Get the facts on workplace discrimination here.

Whether you’re being pressured to have sex with your boss, forced to listen to foul language or slurs, or wondering whether the comment you made might get you in trouble, you’ll find this information on harassment and other problems you might encounter on the job to be helpful.

Not getting paid what your employer owes you? Are you forced to work overtime, but not receiving any extra pay? Get the facts on “wage and hour” laws here.

For most employees, your job isn’t just about the pay, but also what benefits are included. Sick leave, disability leave, family/medical leave–the different kinds of leave you may be allowed to take can be confusing. Get information about health care coverage, pensions, leave eligibility and other benefit-related information here.

Is somebody watching you? It just might be your employer. Find out here what rights to privacy in the workplace you do and do not have.

Is your workplace unsafe? Are you worried about getting hurt at work? Wondering what to do about it? Have questions about the workers’ compensation system? Find the answers here.

Goumen tounen lè ou wè anplwayè w la ap fè yon bagay ki mal, epi ki riske. Men, gen lwa ki ka pwoteje w nan plizyè sitiyasyon. Aprann plis sou fason ou ka pwoteje lè ou soufle konduit ilegal oswa defi ilegal.

Fè fas a yon kanpay òganize nan travay (oswa vle patisipe nan yon sèl)? Deja yon manm inyon, men yo pa konprann ki jan bagay yo travay? Revoke pou òganize oswa rantre nan yon sendika? Seksyon sa a kouvri enfòmasyon sou dwa ou pou òganize epi yo dwe nan yon sendika, ak ki jan inyon travay.

Kit ou te toudenkou revoke, revoke, oswa mande pou demisyone, ou pral vle konnen sa k ap pase kounye a ke ou soti nan yon travay.

If you’re hoping to obtain a government internship in the future, or if you’re a current intern struggling to navigate the work field and want to learn more about your rights, this is for you!

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Madeline Messa

Madeline Messa se yon 3L nan Syracuse University College of Law. Li gradye nan Eta Penn ak yon diplòm nan jounalis. Avèk rechèch legal li ak ekri pou San Patipri Travay, li fè efò yo ekipe moun ki gen enfòmasyon yo bezwen yo dwe pwòp defansè yo pi byen.