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About WF
Volunteer Opportunities

Workplace Fairness (WF) relies heavily on its nationwide network of employee rights advocates to help us promote Workplace Fairness in the workers’ rights community; review and revise the site's Know Your Rights content; and to fundraise. Below are the different ways you can volunteer for Workplace Fairness. If you cannot identify a volunteer opportunity that fits your interests, please reach out to WF so that we can explore ways you may be able to contribute to the organization.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is for plaintiff-side employment lawyers around the country interested in promoting Workplace Fairness and its 0123 program throughout the year particularly at conferences that WF staff are unable to attend. WF provides the following incentives to Ambassadors: (a) reimbursement of the registration/exhibitor fees for conferences as well as any other pre-approved expenses; (b) a 50% discount on our 1+2 product (deluxe listing and content). At conferences, Ambassadors must hand out flyers, answer questions about WF and its 0123 program, encourage WF newsletter sign-up, solicit donations, and hold a raffle for discounted pricing on 0123 services (50% off for raffle winners and an offer of 30% off for those who participate in raffle).

Know Your Rights Content Researchers

These volunteers help WF maintain its Know Your Rights content by either being a subject matter expert on a specific state’s employment laws, on federal employment laws, or alerting WF on any changes in the law. The volunteer would help with research, proposed content updates, and continued content review. Each Know Your Rights Content Researcher is eligible for 50% off a 1 product. The following individuals, listed by state or area, are our current roster for Content Researchers: [list by state and category - federal law and federal employees]

Special thanks to the following individuals who have provided valuable assistance in researching and reviewing site content. Each deserves our thanks and gratitude for the time and effort spent in assisting workers through our website: [current listing on website minus anyone who decides to be a current volunteer].

Protect Your Rights Content Researchers

These volunteers help WF maintain its Protect Your Rights content by either being a subject matter expert on a specific topic or continuing to help WF improve information to stay current with best practices.. The volunteer would help with research, proposed content updates, and continued content review. Each Protect Your Rights Content Researcher is eligible for 50% off a 1 product. 

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee assists WF with its year round fundraising efforts. Members of the Committee will help WF come up with unique fundraising strategies, host fundraising events, and help attract donors. The Fundraising Committee is open to anyone who is passionate about workplace rights.

Blog Content Writers

We encourage worker rights advocates to contribute to our blog, which reaches over 1 million viewers a year. As a regular blog contributor, you will be featured on our blog and our daily newsletter. Contact us for blog submission guidelines.

WF Advisory Council

The WF Advisory Council will comprise of non-Board members who will assist WF in improving its website. Advisory Council members will meet periodically to comment on proposed WF website changes such as design, layout, content. Members of the Council will be contacted by WF Staff every so often to provide feedback on major website changes/updates. This can be in the form of e-mail correspondence, completing a short survey, or agreeing to participate in a focus group Council members are also encouraged to provide suggestions to WF staff on proposed website changes for its consideration they believe would improve the site.

To apply for any of the above volunteer opportunities, send an e-mail (subject line: Volunteer - [List Program]) with your resume attached (PDF) and a completed Volunteer Application Form, to [email protected].

To view the names of volunteers from a particular state, select the state from the map below or from this list.

united states map

Washington Oregon Idaho Montana North Dakota Nevada Utah Arizona California New Mexico Colorado Wyoming Nebraska Kansas Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Mississippi Arkansas Alabama Tennessee Missouri Iowa Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Illinois Indiana Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Virginia Kentucky Ohio West Virginia Pennsylvania New York Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New Jersey Delaware Maryland Maine New Hampshire District of Columbia Alaska Hawaii


  • Robert Childs
  • Christian Roberson
  • Henry Sherrod


  • Lee Holen


  • Kraig Marton


  • Robert Newcombe


  • Nancy Bornn
  • Allyson Fenton
  • Tim Jordan
  • Cliff Palefsky
  • Curt Surls
  • Katherine Watts
  • Brad Yamauchi


  • Bill Martinez
  • Kristin Meier


  • Victoria De Toledo
  • Judith Meyer
  • Steve Scheinberg


  • Gary Aber
  • Jeffrey Martin

District of Columbia

  • Alan Banov
  • Linda Correia
  • Danica Dodds


  • Bill Amlong
  • Catherine Kyres
  • Archibald Thomas


  • Debra Schwartz


  • Michael Nauyokas


  • John Lynn


  • Elizabeth Hubbard
  • David Lee
  • Lori Ecker


  • Cynthia Rockwell
  • Andrea Taylor


  • Michael Carroll
  • Victoria Herring


  • Stephen Dennis
  • Amy Coopman


  • Barbara Bonar


  • Jim Arruebarena


  • David Webbert
  • Jeffrey Young
  • Dale Dorr


  • Deborah Thompson Eisenberg
  • Tom Gagliardo
  • Cathy Ventrell-Monsees


  • Rebecca Pontikes
  • Laura Unflat


  • Heidi Allison
  • Kathy Bogas
  • Sue Ellen Eisenberg
  • Ben Reifman


  • Ethan Klepetar
  • Dorene Sarnoski
  • Paul Taylor (trucking whistleblowers - STAA)


  • Phil Hearn


  • Amy Coopman
  • Dennis Egan
  • Scott Mach
  • Marty Meyers
  • Mary Anne Sedey


  • Joan Jonkel


  • Mike Kratville


  • Daniel Marks

New Hampshire

  • Nancy Richards-Stower

New Jersey

  • Patricia Barasch
  • Chris Lenzo
  • Richard Schall
  • John Dominy

New Mexico

  • Steve Granberg

New York

  • Mark Humowiecki
  • Herb Eisenberg
  • Allegra Fishel
  • Anne Golden
  • Piper Hoffman
  • Wayne Outten
  • Kathleen Peratis
  • Prof. Doug Scherer

North Carolina

  • Travis Payne

North Dakota

  • Duane Lillehaug


  • Randy Freking
  • Fred Gittes
  • Ann Lugbill
  • Denise Knecht
  • Richard Renner


  • Steve Novick


  • Charles Merton


  • Elliot Platt
  • Prof. Clyde Summers

Rhode Island

  • Charles Kirwan
  • Robert Savage

South Carolina

  • Terry Rickson


  • Wade Cowan
  • Prof. Robert Belton


  • J. Derek Brazie
  • Margaret Harris
  • Michael Latimer
  • Mike Milligan


  • Ken Grimes


  • Richard Cassidy


  • Harris Butler
  • Tim Schulte


  • Judith Lonnquist
  • Patty Rose

West Virginia

  • Walt Auvil
  • Mindi Line


  • Rebecca Salawdeh


  • Sharon Rose
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