The Deadliest Jobs

yglesias_matthew_bioI tweeted earlier that the world would be a better place if more people had a more consistent view of the armed and un-armed forms of public sector workers. That prompted a rejoinder from at least some fans of the armed public sector that cops are running more risks than, say, librarians. This is true, but it’s worth keeping in mind that in the scheme of things (PDF) lots of jobs are more dangerous than being a policeman:

fatalities-1In terms of non-fatal injuries (PDF), police work is actually less dangerous than nursing:
Obviously, cops are doing a dangerous job. But it’s not the most dangerous job at there. So I think the point stands. Conservatives would do well to be a bit more skeptical of the activities of police, correctional, military, and intelligence bureaucracies and most liberals would do well to be a bit more skeptical of the activities of education and social service bureaucracies.
This blog originally appeared in ThinkProgress on November 12, 2011. Reprinted with permission.
About the Author: Matthew Yglesias is a Fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Harvard University. His first book, Heads in the Sand, was published in May 2008 by Wiley. Matt has previously worked as an Associate Editor at The Atlantic, a Staff Writer at The American Prospect, and an Associate Editor at Talking Points Memo. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, the Guardian, Slate, The Washington Monthly, and other publications. Matthew has appeared on Fox News and MSNBC, and been a guest on many radio shows.
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