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Workplace Fairness: it's everyone's job
Short-Changed: America's Workers are Giving More and Getting Less
Register to Vote: Rock the Vote, powered by Credo MobileAmerica was once the land of opportunity. Generation after generation of Americans came to expect that by working hard and playing by the rules they could make a good life for themselves and their families. Following the New Deal of the 1930's, we rewrote the rules to give working people a fair shake. Our nation prospered, and families saw their standard of living improve from decade to decade.
But what if working hard is no longer enough? What if the rules aren't fair anymore? Have we gone from a New Deal to a raw deal?
Cartoon by Clay BennettMillions of Americans are asking these questions as they struggle to make ends meet and worry about the future. They're playing by new rules that, far from giving them a fair deal, leave them feeling short-changed. In fact, the evidence that the vast majority of Americans are giving more and getting less from their jobs isn't just clear, it's overwhelming. Whether you look at job security, career opportunity, income, time spent on the job, health care, retirement security, or the right to organize, it's clear that working people are worse off today than they were several decades ago.
Is this because America has fallen on hard times? Hardly. Our economy is stronger than it has ever been. Even since the last economic boom ended in 2001, corporate profits are up 58%. So if business is that strong, why are millions of Americans barely getting by? We hear over and over that corporations need to "cut costs," "be competitive," and "maintain shareholder value." These all mean one thing: increase profits. Corporations have come to value profits more than anything else, including the well-being of the people whose work creates those profits and the communities in which they live. Once viewed as an asset, workers are now just another cost to cut, meaning fewer jobs, lower wages, longer hours, and reduced benefits.
Today's workplace has winners as well as losers. Executives and investors are winning and winning big. Workers trying to earn their livelihoods are losing. Executive pay soars higher and higher to absurd levels, while working people can't even keep up with the rising costs of their basic needs. It's not fair, but it's also not surprising, because the winners give the most money to the politicians who make the rules. But no matter how much money and influence corporate interests have, one thing they don't have is the vote. Working people have the vote. Working people struggling to get by and worried about the future can take control of their lives again.
We invite you to use this website to learn about the issues, stay informed, and take action. Together, working people across the nation can once again make America a place where hard work is enough to build a good life and a bright future for themselves and their families.
Read our overview of the issues that make it harder and harder for working people to get by and use the links above to find out more about the issues and what you can do to bring fairness back to the American workplace.

THE ISSUES (click for overview)
Help Wanted - JOBS
Profits Before People - INCOME GAP
Critical Condition - HEALTHCARE
Broken Promises - RETIREMENT
Nobody Home - WORK & FAMILY
Invisible Barriers - DISCRIMINATION
In Harm’s Way - HEALTH & SAFETY
No More Secrets - PRIVACY
Divide and Conquer - UNIONS
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - LEGAL PROTECTIONS
Case Closed - COURT ACCESS
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