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April 9, 2021

How parents make the workplace better for everyone

Source: Elissa Strauss, CNN

The pandemic has pushed millions of parents, largely women, to cut back on work, or leave their jobs altogether. This has resulted in many losses for those employees: wages, career plans and often, a sense of purpose beyond family life.

Why bias blocks Asian Americans from top leadership positions

Source: Patrick Hwu, USA Today

Calling out inherent bias is critical, but it also highlights a second societal problem: A dearth of APIs in leadership roles in our country.

U.S. Secretary Of Labor Discusses The American Jobs Plan

Source: NPR, NPR

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh about the American Jobs Plan, the Biden administration's $2 trillion infrastructure proposal.

April 8, 2021

San Diego city and school officials promote $83 million in rent assistance for low-income families

Source: Kristen Taketa, The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego city and school district officials are encouraging families to take advantage of more than $83 million in free rent assistance available to those who are struggling financially due to the pandemic.

3 Masterful Ways To Boost Women In A Post-Covid Workforce

Source: Manon DeFelice, Forbes

Born out of necessity during lockdown, employers’ newfound embrace of flexible and remote work is bound to stick (at least somewhat) after restrictions lift—and this is good news for women. But at what cost?

Likely Legal, ‘Vaccine Passports’ Emerge as the Next Coronavirus Divide

Source: Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times

Businesses and universities want fast, easy ways to see if students and customers are vaccinated, but conservative politicians have turned “vaccine passports” into a cultural flash point.

April 7, 2021

Tesla files a petition against U.S. labor board order

Source: Reuters, Reuters

Tesla Inc has filed an appeal on a U.S. National Labor Relations Board ruling that the electric-car maker had violated U.S. labor law, and on the agency’s order that Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk delete a tweet from the account.

Returning to the Office Sparks Anxiety and Dread for Some

Source: Julie Creswell, The New York Times

For some people the prospect of returning to their desks is provoking anxiety, dread and even panic, rather than relief.

Empathy And Belonging: The Gateways To A Human Workplace

Source: Eric Mosley, Forbes

In a human workplace, the need for everyone to achieve his or her potential is a keystone of culture. It’s time to carve out a little mindshare from process to people.

How Amazon and America’s one-click obsession are warping the future of work

Source: Sean Illing, Vox

A conversation with Alec MacGillis about his new book on Amazon and the hidden costs of its dominance.

April 6, 2021

Office buildings are opening back up. Not all employees want to return.

Source: Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News

For those who have not had to go into the office since the pandemic started, the ability to throw in a load of laundry while they work, spend more time with family or make more home-cooked meals have been silver linings in an otherwise challenging year.

How Microaggressions Relate To Systemic Biases

Source: Paolo Gaudiano, Forbes

Just as our sensitivity increases when we learn a new skill, it didn’t take long to start noticing more and more situations in which perfectly nice people said or did things that, while seemingly harmless, revealed a lack of caring or awareness about people from different backgrounds.

What Working Dads Can Do When a High-Pressure Job Asks Too Much

Source: Scott Behson, Harvard Business Review

Many working fathers find that their career success cuts both ways. They discover that they are enmeshed in a career that, while it has many merits, may no longer fit their full range of life priorities, especially as fathers, and keeps them from feeling fully successful at work and home.

Menards to Pay $25,000 to Settle EEOC Sexual Harassment Suit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

Menards, Inc., which operates over 300 home improvement stores, will pay $25,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

April 5, 2021

What Employees Should Know About the Family and Medical Leave Act

Source: Robin Madell, U.S. News

While employers generally offer workers some form of sick leave that they can use in case of their own illness, what can you do if a close family member is having health difficulties?

Starbucks reaches agreement with EEOC over alleged bias in promotions

Source: Heidi Groover, The Seattle Times

After allegations of racial bias in its promotions, Starbucks said Wednesday it reached a voluntary agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to resolve the allegations and would change its promotion practices.

Microsoft, Facebook, Uber Plan To Reopen Offices

Source: Vannesa Romo, NPR

Facebook, Microsoft and Uber have announced plans to reopen offices on a limited basis, as the spread of the coronavirus pandemic continues to slow.

Rewriting The Workplace Rules

Source: Shelley Zalis, Forbes

Some of history’s greatest innovators were women and people of color. But sadly, decades later, barriers to advancement and growth still pervade in the workplace. And it may be getting worse.

April 2, 2021

San Diego businesses sue to end California’s state of emergency, COVID-19 restrictions

Source: Jennifer Van Grove, The San Diego Union-Tribune

More than 45 restaurants, gyms and small businesses from across San Diego County are asking a federal court to put a permanent end to on-again, off-again COVID-19 restrictions they say are crippling their operations.

One home, many generations: States addressing Covid risk among families

Source: April Simpson, NBC News

Multigenerational households are often made up of people of color, with less access to health insurance and more health problems that make Covid deadlier.

Trauma In The Workplace Happens. Are You Contributing To It?

Source: Garrett Gunderson, Forbes

As an entrepreneur building your organization, it’s critical to step back and ask yourself: am I overly focused on innovation and goals, and unknowingly creating a traumatic or toxic environment for my people?

Family Ranch, Inc. Settles EEOC Sex Discrimination Charge for $55,000

Source: EEOC, EEOC

Family Ranch, Inc., a Central Valley farm labor contractor, has settled a federal charge of sex discrimination and retaliation filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for $55,000 and other injunctive relief.

April 1, 2021

Creating An Equitable Future For Women In The Workplace

Source: H.V. MacArthur, Forbes

As businesses look ahead into another year of remote work, they need to uniquely support women – especially mothers and caregivers who are juggling multiple roles in their workday.

A yearslong push to ban hair discrimination is gaining momentum

Source: Candice Norwood, PBS NewsHour

Versions of this legislation, known as the CROWN Act, have been signed in eight states since 2019 and are gaining attention in other state legislatures.

Labor allies target ‘at-will’ employment rules

Source: David Roeder, The Chicago Sun-Times

A coalition of worker rights organizations and legislative allies Wednesday urged passage of a state law that would bar employers from firing workers without good reason.

Family Tree Farms to Pay $40,000 to Resolve EEOC Sex Discrimination Charges

Source: EEOC, EEOC

Reedley, Calif.-based fruit farm Family Tree Farms, Inc. has settled a federal charge of sex discrimination filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for $40,000 and other relief.

March 31, 2021

Remote Work Is Leading To More Gender And Racial Harassment, Say Tech Workers

Source: Shannon Bond, NPR

Tech workers say they have experienced more harassment based on gender, age and race or ethnicity while working remotely during the pandemic, according to a survey from a nonprofit group that advocates for diversity in Silicon Valley.

Amazon union vote enters final stretch in watershed moment for U.S. labor

Source: Reuters, CNBC

The votes on whether to form a union at Amazon’s sprawling Alabama fulfillment center are set to be reviewed starting on Tuesday, with momentum for future labor organizing at America’s second-largest private employer hanging in the balance.

6 workplace changes you can actually expect when you return to the office

Source: Rheana Murray, TODAY

Here are a few ways experts say you can expect your workplace to be different in "the new normal."

Weed and the workplace: will legalizing marijuana impact employees/employers?

Source: Emily DeFeciani, CBS 6

Canovas says the latest legislation to legalize adult use marijuana includes strong protections for both public and private sector employees.

Burrow Global to Pay $50,960 to Settle EEOC Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

Burrow Global Services, LLC, headquartered in Houston, Texas, will pay a former employee $50,960 to resolve an age discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

March 30, 2021

Here Are The Big Issues Both Bosses And Workers Will Confront As Facebook, Microsoft, Uber And Other Companies Plan For People To Return To The Office

Source: Jack Kelly, Forbes

It seems that the U.S. may be reopening quicker than most people imagined. A number of Big Tech bellwether companies expedited their plans for workers to start returning to the office ahead of previously announced schedules.

Amazon aware that workers allegedly pee in water bottles, documents show; company pushes back

Source: Audrey Conklin, Fox Business

Amazon is aware of its employees reportedly peeing in water bottles and defecating in bags, documents show.

Subway Franchisee to Pay $28,700 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

A Bloomington, Ind., fast-food sandwich shop will pay $28,700 to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

March 29, 2021

Half Of The American Workforce Under Stress, Says New Study

Source: Bryan Robinson, Forbes

The American workforce is as stressed and burnt out than ever—whether they’re essential workers on the front line or working remotely with little-to-no work/life balance.

San Diego unemployment drops to 7.2%

Source: Phillip Molnar, The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego County unemployment dropped to 7.2 percent in February, down from 8.1 percent the previous month, as COVID-19 restrictions eased on bars and restaurants.

Main Event Entertainment Will Pay $40,000 to Resolve EEOC Disability Discrimination and Retaliation Charge

Source: EEOC, EEOC

Main Event Entertainment, Inc., an entertainment and dining establishment in Avon, Ohio, will pay $40,000 and furnish equitable relief to settle a disability discrimination and retaliation charge filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission .

March 26, 2021

Amazon employees accuse the company of union-busting after it removes workers from an internal directory

Source: Jason Del Rey, Vox

Last week, Amazon made changes to its internal online staff directory, deleting hundreds of thousands of entry-level warehouse workers’ profiles from a tool that allows any company employee to view the full names and photos of other employees.

The Degradation Ceremony: A Theory of Workplace Bullying

Source: Dorothy Suskind, Psychology Today

According to the theory of bullying as a "degradation ceremony," an individual in a group like a workplace may be abused and attacked for violating the group's unwritten norms; for example, whistleblowing.

Workers look to their bosses for mental health support. Many aren't getting it

Source: Roger Vincent, Yahoo! News

Now, with more people heading back to their workplaces, companies need to make profound changes in how they approach employees' psychological and emotional well being, advocates say.

Lucy’s Cantina Royale and Restaurant Group to Pay $45,000 to Settle Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

A restaurant group that includes Lucy’s Cantina Royale, a Mexican restaurant and bar in Manhattan, has agreed to pay $45,000 and provide extensive non-monetary relief to settle a preg­nancy discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

March 25, 2021

Magnum Photographer Resigns Amid Allegations of Harassment and Child Exploitation

Source: Valentina Di Liscia, Hyperallergic

Photographer David Alan Harvey has announced his resignation from Magnum Photos, the renowned international photo agency, following an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

Faculty at the New School Denounce “Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs” Amid Pandemic

Source: Valentina Di Liscia, Hyperallergic

More than 600 part-time faculty at the New School in New York City have signed a petition denouncing “skyrocketing healthcare costs” prompted by a change in its insurance policy this year. The shift is the latest blow to part-time staff at the school amid cost-cutting measures related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Today Is Equal Pay Day. Here’s What You Need To Know About The Equal Pay Act

Source: Eric Bachman, Forbes

Equal Pay Day is the date (March 24) that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in 2020. Progress has been made in narrowing the gap between what men and women earn but it is still far too wide: women on average still earn about 17% less than men.

Non-Discrimination Protections Are Hugely Popular — Yet Far From Law

Source: Philip Elliott, Time

A new poll of more than 10,000 Americans, released today, shows just the opposite: that non-discrimination policies are overwhelmingly popular by a 3-to-1 margin.

March 24, 2021

How to take action against anti-Asian racism at work and in your personal life

Source: Jennifer Liu, CNBC

The fatal shootings of eight people in the Atlanta this week, including six Asian women, put into sharp focus calls to end anti-Asian racism and acts of violence across the country. Here’s what advocates say you can do to help stop anti-Asian racism and support the Asian community right now.

Toxic bosses should be the next to face #MeToo-type reprisals

Source: Erica Mildner, The Conversation

Many of us have had the misfortune of working in a toxic workplace. We’ve experienced demeaning comments from a supervisor, verbal aggression, surveillance and sometimes even physical threats or intimidation. But what if these behaviours were treated as seriously as other forms of workplace misconduct?

Can your boss require you to get vaccinated?

Source: Dorit Reiss, CNN

We've heard it many times over the past few months: vaccines won't end the pandemic, vaccinations will. One way to increase vaccinations is for employers to require them in the workplace. But employers should not rush to do this. Although vaccine mandates are likely legal, other tools are probably better.

How To Make Job Interviews Less Horrible

Source: NPR, NPR

Job interviews are the worst. And according to a new book, they're often pretty much useless for selecting the best candidate for a position.

March 23, 2021

Artforum Settles Retaliation Lawsuit With Amanda Schmitt, Who Accused Former Publisher of Sexual Misconduct

Source: Valentina Di Liscia, Hyperallergic

The New York-based arts magazine Artforum has settled an unlawful retaliation lawsuit brought by its former employee Amanda Schmitt in 2017 for an undisclosed amount.

The pandemic accelerated job automation and Black and Latino workers are most likely to be replaced

Source: Abigail Hess, CNBC

For years, companies have been working toward automating repetitive jobs. But while futurists have long warned of “job-stealing robots,” the coronavirus pandemic has heightened fears that automation will replace the jobs of workers.

Will SCOTUS Let Corporations Limit Labor Unions’ Rights Again?

Source: Dayna Zolle, Slate

The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid, a case that could have major implications for labor unions seeking to effectively organize.

How To Confront Injustice In The Workplace, According To Best-Selling Author Kim Scott

Source: Melody Wilding, Forbes

Kim Scott, author of the New York Times bestseller Radical Candor, is back with a new book Just Work: Get Sh*t Done Fast and Fair, which shows how we can recognize, attack, and eliminate workplace injustices to both respect everyone’s individuality and collaborate effectively.

March 22, 2021

You’re probably not getting the 3 types of rest you need to really relax after work

Source: Jory Mackay, Fast Company

Proper rest requires a few key elements in order to help you truly recover and recharge. The good news is that learning how to relax isn’t hard. All it takes are a few changes to your routines and habits.

Tackling Racial Discrimination: Can Unconscious Bias Training Create Real Change?

Source: Nancy Doyle, Forbes

Critics of diversity training say it is at best performative and ineffective or at worst likely to cause harm. A recent review of the effectiveness of unconscious bias training has shown that it is far more nuanced than that.

Nearly half of Americans think Black people face a lot of discrimination, survey says

Source: Leah Asmelash, CNN

Most Americans say that people of color in the United States face at least some discrimination, according to a survey published Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

First Metropolitan Financial Services to Pay $100,000 to Settle EEOC Pay Discrimination Lawsuit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

First Metropolitan Financial Services, Inc. has agreed to pay $100,000 to resolve a pay discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

March 19, 2021

Fired Pa. Catholic school teacher gets another opportunity to pursue discrimination claim

Source: John Beauge, PennLive

A fired white Catholic school teacher in Williamsport will have another opportunity to pursue his claim that he would not have been disciplined if he were African-American.

Workplace Design Innovations Helping Smooth Return To Office

Source: Jeffrey Steele, Forbes

From flexible adaptation to biophilic designs to niche co-working and more, architecture and design firms have responded to the hurdles of the late- and post-pandemic workplace environment. They are unveiling new systems and concepts to help smooth transitions for both worker and employer.

Disney Can't Evade 'Criminal Minds' Harassment Suit

Source: Ashley Cullins, The Hollywood Reporter

Disney can't bring an early end to a suit over alleged harassment during the production of Criminal Minds brought by California's Department of Fair Employment & Housing on behalf of everyone who worked on set during the show's 14-year run.

March 18, 2021

Will workers return to re-imagined offices post-pandemic?

Source: Christopher Booker, PBS NewsHour

For about a year, many Americans have been forced to work from home due to COVID-19 safety concerns. Now, architects and designers are thinking about the future of the workspace for when workers return.

Workplace Wokeness Helps Corporations Ignore Labor Problems

Source: Philip Jeffery, Newsweek

The two niche, highly online scandals of food magazine Bon Appétit and podcast producer Gimlet Media reveal how labor unrest works (or doesn't) in our elite knowledge economy—and how young, highly credentialed white-collar workers habitually undercut their own legitimate grievances to the benefit of corporate employers.

More women reaching out with Cuomo harassment allegations, accuser’s attorney says

Source: Benjamin Din, Politico

There are more women with sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York who have not come forward publicly, an attorney for one of his accusers said on Tuesday.

March 17, 2021

Artists Withdraw from MCA Chicago Exhibition in Solidarity With Laid-Off Workers

Source: Hakim Bishara , Hyperallergic

Six artists and one artist collective have withdrawn their work from an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA) in solidarity with workers at the museum who have been laid off over the past year, many of whom are people of color.

Here’s What Offices Will Look Like in a Post-Pandemic World

Source: Gabrielle Olya, Yahoo! News

Some office workers haven’t been back to their usual workplaces since March 2020. And when they return, their offices could look a lot different than before.

Woman who accused Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment speaks with investigators for more than 4 hours

Source: Brynn Gringras, CNN

A former staffer who accused Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment spoke with investigators on Monday over Zoom for several hours, her attorney said in a statement.

Flower Mound Medical Practice to Pay $375,000 After Judgment in EEOC Title VII Lawsuit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

Tim Shepherd M.D., P.A. and Bridges Healthcare, P.A., doing business as Shepherd Healthcare, a medical practice in Flower Mound, Texas, will pay $375,000 and furnish other relief after a federal court entered judgment against both defendants.

March 16, 2021

Leaked Recording of Confidential Meeting at Detroit Institute Details Allegations of Toxic Workplace

Source: Valentina Di Liscia, Hyperallergic

A recording of a confidential meeting at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) last November, leaked and published by the Metro Times yesterday, reveals longstanding workplace issues at the museum helmed by director Salvador Salort-Pons.

The wage gap between White and Black workers keeps getting worse. Here's one solution

Source: Gad Levanon, CNN

Despite heightened awareness, the wage gap between Black and White workers continued to widen rapidly over the last decade. But the pandemic has created a potential opportunity to help shrink the divide: remote work.

How To Survive And Thrive In A Male-Dominated Workplace

Source: Aleksandra Mihajlovska, Forbes

How can individual women thrive in male-dominated industries? Perhaps the best approach is to ask individual women who have done it. And that’s what I did! In what follows, I offer four practical tips from and for women in male-dominated fields.

The Women Powering Biden's Economy Are Rewriting The Course Of American History

Source: Pallavi Gogoi, NPR

President Biden has managed to find several highly accomplished economists who are not just women but are also Black, and has placed them in top posts in his administration.

Valley Tool to Pay $32,500 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

Valley Tool, Inc., a precision machine shop facility located in Water Valley, Miss., has agreed to pay $32,500 to resolve a disability discrimination lawsuit filed by the EEOC.

March 15, 2021

‘Every bit helps, but I know I can’t rely on it’: Americans react to new unemployment benefits a year into the pandemic

Source: Jennifer Liu, CNBC

With the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan signed into law, out-of-work Americans will continue to receive an additional $300 per week in federally enhanced unemployment benefits, and will be able to stay on key pandemic-era programs for gig workers, those not traditionally eligible, the long-term unemployed and mixed earners until Sept. 6. More than 20 million people were drawing from jobless benefits as of mid-February.

Georgetown law professor resigns for 'failing to correct' colleague on Zoom about 'Black' students comment

Source: Bradford Betz, Fox News

A Georgetown law professor has resigned following his participation in a Zoom call with a colleague whose comments about her Black students having a lower academic performance every semester led to her being fired.

5 ways companies need to step up to help keep women in the workforce — to benefit everyone

Source: Teresa Tanner, USA Today

Women are stretched – trying to care for children whose schools or childcare centers are closed while simultaneously working full time. In the past year, nearly 3 million women have been pushed out of the workforce – meaning there are now fewer women working than there were in 1988. Vice President Kamala Harris recently called it a national emergency that demands a national solution.

Advice for implementing workplace wellness policies

Source: Lauren Baggett, UGA Today

Many adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work, and the influence of the workplace on personal health has gained attention from health experts and employers. In the U.S. today, nearly half of workplaces offer some type of wellness support or programming to their employees. Few, however, implement wellness policies.

Allied Universal to Pay $110,000 to Settle EEOC Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

U.S. Security Associates, Inc., a security company doing business as Conshohocken, Pa.-based Allied Universal, has agreed to pay a uniformed security guard $110,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the EEOC.

March 12, 2021

4 Ways To Become A Star Employee In The Workplace

Source: Bryan Robinson, Forbes

Everybody wants to shine at work, but not everyone does. Some workers have a natural knack for what it takes. But if you didn’t get the star gene, feel like your star is fading or are unsure what it takes, there are a number of things you can do to learn how to spit-shine and brighten your career.

12 female employees allege sex discrimination by Alabama sheriff's office in DOJ lawsuit

Source: Alta Spells, CNN

The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the Mobile County Sheriff's Office in Alabama and Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran over allegations of sex discrimination from 12 current and former female corrections officers.

Employers Must Rise To The Challenge Of Supporting Women In The Workplace

Source: Garen Staglin, Forbes

This year, we are confronted with staggering statistics about the disproportionate impact that Covid-19 has had on the economic wellbeing, physical and mental health and career trajectories of women. These tough new realities challenge employers to ensure that workplaces are pro-actively supportive of women.

March 11, 2021

The 10 most innovative workplace companies of 2021

Source: Fast Company, Fast Company

From providing a road map for an effective remote workforce to building stronger connections to offering tools that enhance productivity from home, these 10 Most Innovative Companies offered workplace solutions that helped businesses continue operations during the most disruptive year in modern times.

EEOC Probing Whether Facebook Has Committed Systemic Racial Discrimination In Hiring

Source: Rachel Sandler, Forbes

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating whether Facebook has engaged in systemic racial bias in hiring and promotions following a complaint filed by an employee and two job applicants.

Most Workers Want Employers To Enforce Covid Workplace Rules, Survey Says

Source: Edward Segal, Forbes

One year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a national survey found that 85% of U.S. workers are looking forward to returning to the office and 61% want employers to strictly enforce Covid-19 workplace regulations.

March 10, 2021

Workers Are Moving First, Asking Questions Later. What Happens When Offices Reopen?

Source: Laurel Wamsley, NPR

With millions of Americans suddenly working remotely, some took the unprecedented opportunity to shift their lives in a new direction — crossing their fingers that when it's safe to go back to the office, they won't have to.

‘Are you listening?’ The struggle to reach students you can’t see

Source: Bracey Harris, NBC News

For first-year teachers in Louisville, Ky., the challenges of remote learning go far beyond the screen.

Judge dismisses lawsuit claiming racial discrimination in concussion settlement

Source: Mike Florio, NBC Sports

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that the NFL’s massive concussion settlement discriminates against retired players on the basis of race.

How Privacy Pods Will Get Businesses Back To Work — In The Office

Source: Emma Reynolds, Forbes

In an effort to ease Covid-19 anxiety, while also allowing for a private space with a sit-to-stand option for health benefits, MojoDome is the latest solution to keep employees safe and ensure privacy.

March 9, 2021

8 States Across the US That Have Banned Black Hair Discrimination

Source: Leah Rodriguez, Global Citizen

The CROWN Act is only law in seven states and 25 states have pre-filed the bill. The US House of Representatives also passed the CROWN Act in September 2020 and is awaiting approval from the US Senate, which would outlaw hair discrimination across the country.

What to Do When Your Employee Is Totally Checked Out

Source: Rebecca Knight, Harvard Business Review

There are many reasons an employee might mentally check out and fail to meet your expectations. When confronting them, you should be kind and work with them to determine what’s going on and how you might be able to reengage them in their work.

What to do when your occupation is no longer around

Source: Phil Blair, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Economists are warning that millions of jobs will disappear as a result of the pandemic. Here, tens of thousands of San Diegans are still out of work over a year after the pandemic first started to engulf our region.

Google workers explain why they unionized

Source: Jesse Orrall, CNET

We talk to current and former Google employees about how years of labor organizing at the company have helped shape the newly formed union's guiding values.

Coach Your Mind For Resilience In The Workplace, Just Like Professional Athletes

Source: Shane Snow, Forbes

Any organization that's newly prioritizing mental wellbeing and performance can stand to learn a lot from sports psychology. Here are some tips to build resilience and coach our minds in the workplace, just like professional athletes do.

March 8, 2021

Fayetteville city council considers policy which prohibits race-based hair discrimination

Source: Michael Lozano, ABC11

The city of Fayetteville is looking into adding a policy that would prohibit race-based hair discrimination within employment and other city-related matters.

Google advised mental health care when workers complained about racism and sexism

Source: April Glaser, NBC News

Mexican American Benjamin Cruz's experience with Google’s internal human resources personnel echoes that of several former and current Google employees, including two prominent Black women who were pushed out of Google at the end of last year.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Pays $115,000 to Settle EEOC Age Discrimination Suit

Source: EEOC, EEOC

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, which operates the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital, will pay a total of $115,000 and provide other relief to settle a federal age discrimination lawsuit brought by the EEOC.

March 5, 2021

Hundreds of Arts and Restaurant Workers Rally to Save Historic Chinatown Banquet Hall

Source: Valentina Di Liscia, Hyperallergic

Protesters rallied in support of Jing Fong, the neighborhood’s last unionized restaurant and a popular meeting ground for arts events.

The PRO Act Is Becoming Labor’s Amateur Hour

Source: Erik Sherman, Forbes

The PRO Act is a bill, once again trotted out, that is supposed to improve the fortunes of unions. But the bill, structured in its current form, seems unlikely to get passage in the Senate.

5 strategies to help you get back into the workforce after a career break

Source: Michelle Fox, CNBC

Returning to work after a gap in employment can seem daunting. Here are five strategies to help you get back into the workforce.

March 4, 2021

Is Your Toxic Boss Actively Toxic Or Passively Complicit?

Source: Timothy R. Clark, Forbes

In our research with employees who had worked in toxic environments, we discovered a crucial distinction: Some employees had actively toxic bosses, while others had passively complicit bosses.

Amazon employee sues the company, alleging racial discrimination and unequal pay

Source: Chauncey Alcorn, CNN

An Amazon employee filed a lawsuit Monday accusing the tech giant of deliberately paying her and other Black employees less than their White counterparts, becoming the latest on a growing list of current and former Amazon workers to accuse the company of systemic racism.

Working while Black: “There was a fear in the back of my mind that I would be singled out”

Source: Kelly Kirkley, Fast Company

A Black man recounts his experiences of being the only person of color at work and the mental and emotional toll it takes.

March 3, 2021

'No glass ceiling': Tulane doctor files discrimination lawsuit against medical school

Source: Priscilla Thompson , NBC News

Despite breaking well-established barriers through her position at Tulane, Dr. Princess Dennar was suspended last month after she filed a federal lawsuit against the medical school in October. The lawsuit accuses Tulane of discrimination and "creating a race and gender-based hostile environment."

Californians Still Struggling To Get Unemployment Benefits As Audits Slam EDD Over Delays, Fraud

Source: Randol White, CapRadio

Thousands of Californians who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic are still struggling to get problems with their unemployment benefits sorted out with the state’s unemployment agency.

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