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Resources Guide

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Want more information about employee rights and workplace fairness? Tired of surfing the Internet but not finding the help you need?

We scour the web for good resources, and catalog them all right here. The main categories are shown below, along with a sample of the topics you'll find in that category. Click on the name of a category to see all the topics in that category. Click here to see a directory of all the topics from every category.


Deductions, Overtime, Tips, more


Health Insurance, Pensions, Vacation, more

Work Time

Comp Time, Meal Breaks, Work-Life Balance, more


Military Leave, Pregnancy Leave, Sick Leave, more

Other Policies

Dress Codes, Lateness/Tardiness, Personnel Files, more

Discrimination & Harassment

Age Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Sex Harassment, more

Health & Safety

Ergonomics, Injury/Illness (Workers' Comp), Violence, more


Drug Testing, Medical Records, Surveillance, more

Getting a Job

Arbitration Agreements, Criminal Record, References, more

Losing/Leaving a Job

At-Will Employment, Unemployment Insurance, Wrongful Termination, more


Income Gap, Living Wage, Wal-Mart, more


Collective Bargaining, Dues, Organizing, more

Lawyers & Lawsuits

Getting A Lawyer, Legal Process, Settlements, more

Job Type

Day Labor, Independent Contractor, Temporary, more


Agency - State, Court Cases, Legislation - Federal, more


Community Group, Legal Services, Worker Center, more


Article, Fact Sheet, Statistics, more


Chinese, Spanish, more


California, Mexico, New Mexico, more


Workers’ Rights

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