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Workplace Health and Safety and COVID-19

Feeling at risk at work over Coronavirus and you don’t have a union to protect you? Your employer has the legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, and a contract if you have a union. This requires the employer to protect all workers from all known hazards, including infectious disease such as COVID-19. See workplacefairness.org/health and safety protections for more information. In addition to OSHA, many states have their own law governing health and safety in the workplace. It is important to check state laws in conjunction with OSHA to be fully aware of your rights. Some states provide more protection or additional rules for specific industries or workplaces which work with OSHA protections. See workplacefairness.org/health and safety-state laws for more information.

1. : Does the Occupational Health and Safety Administration have guidelines for employers to protect workers against COVID-19?
Yes. You can find guidance on COVID-19 and the workplace at osha.gov/coronavirus/safework.
2. Which states have adopted COVID-19 worker protections?
Fourteen states have adopted COVID-19 worker safety protections. See this National Employment Law Project article for more information.

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