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Workplace Fairness Super Bowl XL Report
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
FedEx Corporation
Burger King
National Football League & Teams
Post-Game Show
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Post-Game Show

For more information about the issues raised by this report, please visit the Workplace Fairness website, For the most comprehensive information about your legal rights in the workplace—free of legal jargon—please visit our site's "Your Rights" area. In our feature series Short-Changed, we present a comprehensive view of today's most important workplace issues, like the widening income gap, crises in healthcare and retirement, work-family imbalance, and a justice system that is closing its doors on workers. Our free e-newsletters, In the News (daily) and Workplace Week (weekly) provide the most current information available on the cutting-edge issues that affect working people and their advocates. By visiting our Action Center, you can make your voice heard immediately on the workplace issues you care about most.

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