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Workplace Fairness: it's everyone's job
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American employers increasingly show a lack of regard for the personal privacy of employees. Workers who endure telephone and computer monitoring, video surveillance, drug testing, medical and genetic screening, credit checks, or lifestyle regulations have few protections from these unwarranted invasions of their privacy.
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American employers increasingly show a lack of regard for the personal privacy of employees, while there are few legal protections for employees who are the victims of unwarranted invasions of their personal privacy.
The development of modern communications systems has led to invasive monitoring of telephone and e-mail communications of employees. In some workplaces, this is accompanied by videotape surveillance of employees at work and computerized monitoring of work performance.
Drug and alcohol tests are in common use, whether or not they are justified by legitimate business concerns. Employers make employment decisions based upon medical records of employees, and applicants for employment, and some employers use genetic screening to discover medical problems that might develop in the future.
the facts:The personal thoughts of employees, and their personalities, values, and character, are evaluated through unreliable psychological, personality, honesty, and polygraph tests. Credit checks of employees are used when credit history is irrelevant to the job in question. Some employers even establish rules and impose discipline because of employee political and civic activity, and employee life style choices, personal relationships, leisure activities, and other matters that do not involve legitimate employer interests.
Workplace Fairness advocates vigorous protection of employee privacy from unwarranted invasion by employers. This is an essential right of an American worker. Invasions of an employee’s privacy should be permitted only to the extent necessary to serve significant needs of an employer.
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