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The One Fund for Fairness

The One Fund for Fairness: A New Way to Support Fairness in the Workplace

What if you could help make the American Dream come true for all working people? What if you could help millions understand, protect, and strengthen their rights as employees? What if you could make it easy for people to know when, why, and how they should talk to an employment lawyer?

You can do all that—and more—by joining The One Fund for Fairness today!

A Number One Website

  • On leading search engines like Google, www.workplacefairness.org is the number one employee rights website on the entire Internet.
  • Over one million people will visit this website this year.
  • This website is one of the "top one hundred sites you can't live without" according to the experts at PC Magazine.
  • Our blog was named one of the "Best of the Web" by Forbes.com.

The Power of One

Over the years, Workplace Fairness has counted on workers and advocates like you who want to make a difference. What difference can one person make? Through our top-ranked website, every one of your dollars helps four people learn more about their rights and how to defend them.

The One Fund Works for Everyone

With The One Fund for Fairness, there's more than one way to lend your support. Many attorneys are joining The One Fund by pledging 1% of fees over $10,000.

If you do not have that one big case this year, or if you are not an attorney, you can be part of The One Fund by pledging 1 billable hour per year or 1% of your annual salary.

Beyond Number One

Join The One Fund and help us help even more people understand, protect, and strengthen employee rights through our award-winning website. Here are just a few of the projects we can finish with your support:

  • Launch a Spanish-language version of our site.
  • Ensure that our site is fully accessible to disabled visitors.
  • Put even more people who need help in touch with the agencies and attorneys who can help them.
  • Empower and mobilize the thousands of people who visit our site every day.

Your support is an investment in a better future for working people, one worker—and one employee rights advocate—at a time.

To join The One Fund for Fairness without delay, fill out the form below. And, if you're ready, make a contribution with our secure online donation form.

If The One Fund is not right for you, please make a one-time donation today and provide regular support when you can. If you'd like more information about The One Fund, email onefund@workplacefairness.org or call 202-243-7660.

The One Fund for Fairness supercedes the "1% for Justice" program. Workplace Fairness is grateful to all the employee advocates who supported that program in the past. If you previously participated in the "1% for Justice" program, please make sure to join The One Fund so you don't miss out on the chance to continue helping people understand, protect, and strengthen employee rights.

Thanks for your support!

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