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issue 300 jan. 19, 2017

THIS WEEK: With a new president on the way and a bitterly divided American public, there will undoubtedly and unfortunately be incidents of discrimination and harassment where your help will be needed to assist those who have been targeted.

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In the News more

Democrats Want to Revive Obama’s Overtime Rule State by State

Will States Take Up the Mantle of Worker Protection?

Labor Attorneys Plot Response to Trump, Puzder

The Revolt of Working Parents

On the Trail: When right to work comes, can Missouri's unions adapt?

Epic Systems employee case to be heard by U.S. Supreme Court

Workers Say Andrew Puzder Is ‘Not the One to Protect’ Them, but He’s Been Chosen To

Justices Will Hear Challenges to Mandatory Employee Arbitration

Hidden Figures and the Ambitious Working Mother

Fast-food workers protest Trump's labor secretary nominee

How to Train a Worker

Unions, Companies Clash Over Proposed OSHA Hearing Loss Rule

Labor Department aims to protect healthcare workers

Wells Fargo overhauls pay plan for bank branch employees

Retail Unions, Workers Face ‘Precarious’ Times

Topic of the Week more

The Devil Inside

Bullies with nothing to show for their efforts, a dream come true in the workplace. But it is going to take each and every one of us being ready to stick our necks out when we see people trying to take advantage of one another. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

The Postal Service’s experimental “pilot program” in privatizing the retail end of the USPS using Staples outlets has failed and ended. The “Grand Alliance to Save Our Postal Service” has forced the USPS to back off from partnering with Staples in their effort to privatize and undermine the wages and jobs of USPS employees. read more

Great news: Fiat Chrysler has announced a $1 billion, 2,000-job investment in plants in Michigan and Ohio. read more

The Supreme Court gave unions an unexpected victory last year when it issued a decision in a case that had threatened to take away the right of public sector unions to collect dues from workers they represent. That win may be short-lived. read more

Kentucky Republican leaders, led by Gov. Matt Bevin, gained control of the state House, giving them control of the executive and legislative branches. Their first order of business? Go after working families. read more

The Holman rule, named after the congressman who first proposed it in 1876, was nixed by Congress in 1983. The rule, now reinstated for 2017, gives any lawmaker the power to offer amendments to appropriations bills that could, legislatively, fire any federal employee or cut their pay down to $1 dollar, if the lawmaker so chooses. read more

In the Courts more

Navarro v. Encino Motorcars, LLC

Ninth Circuit; no. 13-55323 Decision Date: January 9, 2017

On remand from the U.S. Supreme Court, in action brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act against an automobile dealership, the district court's dismissal of the action is: 1) reversed as to dismissal of a federal claim for overtime compensation, where service advisors do not fall within an exemption from the FLSA's overtime-compensation requirement for 'any sales man, partsman, or mechanic primarily engaged in...servicing automobiles,' 29 U.S.C. section 213(b)(10)(A); and 2) affirmed as to dismissal of plaintiffs' other federal claims and reversed as to the dismissal of state-law claims for reasons given in an earlier opinion. read more

Flores v. Nature's Best Distribution, LLC

California Court of Appeal; no. 052410 Decision Date: December 28, 2016

In an action alleging several claims under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, denial of defendant's petition to compel arbitration is affirmed where: 1) defendants failed to prove plaintiff agreed to arbitrate a claim; and 2) the arbitration provision contained in the Agreement was unenforceable because it is unconscionable. read more

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