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issue 296 dec. 7, 2016

THIS WEEK: We hope all of our friends and supporters had a very happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season! We hope that you will support Workplace Fairness during this season of giving as we continue to bring you the latest in employment law and workplace-related information, and help over 4 million people through our website annually. Happy holidays!

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In the News more

Want to Bring Back Jobs, Mr. President-Elect? Call Elon Musk

Judge blocks administration from imposing contract on AFSCME

Who gets hurt when part-time work becomes the new normal

Wal-Mart Joining Corporate Surge to Protect LGBT Employees

The outrageous legal decision that took overtime pay from millions of workers

Donald Trump Reportedly Considering Fast Food CEO For Labor Secretary

Labor Activists Fear Freeze On New Workforce-Related Laws In D.C.

Carrier’s Workers Union Was Shut Out Of Negotiations Between Company And Donald Trump

How to Help Working People

Labor Department Appeals Injunction on Overtime-Pay Rule

Dodgers, Latin American Players Losers in MLB Labor Deal

Jobs report likely to show young workers rejoining labor market

Millions of workers in limbo after rule expanding overtime pay eligibility is put on hold

Not All Immigrant Labor Is Cheap Labor

Carrier workers react to Trump's jobs announcement with skepticism, excitement

Topic of the Week more

The Right Stuff: Being More Courageous at Work

For the employed, the lingering fear of potential job loss can stop you from speaking your mind in the workplace. This week: do's and don'ts for being more courageous at work. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

The U.S. Census Bureau reported Friday that the October trade deficit rose to $42.6 billion from a enormous and humongous 36.2 billion in September. That’s a 17.8 percent increase. October exports were down $3.4 billion and imports were up $3.0 billion. The goods deficit with China also increased, hitting $28.9 billion in October. read more

Chicago—The movement known as Fight for $15 started in New York City as a surprise one-day strike. The workers’ demands then were simple and bold. They wanted a minimum wage of $15 an hour and the right to organize a union. read more

On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump traveled to the Carrier factory in Indianapolis, Indiana to tout the deal he helped orchestrate to keep about 800 manufacturing jobs in the United States in exchange for state and federal incentives, including $7 million from Indiana. read more

Chris Garlock

DC Considers Cutting-Edge Paid Family Leave Law

December 2, 2016 | Chris Garlock

“I sometimes imagine how my life would be different if my mom had the option of paid family leave,” Travis said. The District of Columbia resident was born prematurely. Because his mother could not get the time off from work to make necessary hospital visits to care for her fragile son, “She had to give me up to be raised in Florida by other family members.” read more

When do we want a $15 minimum wage? We want it now. 43% of the workforce — 60 million workers — are paid less than $15/hour. People will continue to fight for decent wages, the election of Donald “Wages Are Too High” Trump notwithstanding. read more

In the Courts more

Miller v. Dep't of Justice

Federal Circuit; no. 2015-3149 Decision Date: December 2, 2016

In an appeal of the decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board denying petitioner relief for a personnel action taken by the Department of Justice involving claims under the Whistleblower Protection Act, the district court's decision is reversed where the Board's holding that the Government successfully rebutted petitioner's prima facie case, by showing independent causation for the personnel action, is not supported by substantial evidence. read more

Driscoll v. Granite Rock

California Court of Appeal; no. 037662 Decision Date: November 30, 2016

In a suit brought on behalf of a class of approximately 200 current and former concrete mixer drivers, claiming that construction company defendant failed to provide concrete mixer drivers with off-duty meal periods and failed to provide them with one additional hour of pay for meal periods during which the drivers opted to continue working, the trial court's verdict in favor of defendant, finding that defendant did not violate labor laws in its meal period policies, is affirmed where there was substantial evidence presented at trial to support the trial court's finding that defendant provided its concrete mixer drivers with an off-duty meal period as required by law. read more

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