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issue 293 nov. 16, 2016

THIS WEEK: With all the depressing post-election news, there is a silver lining: Over 55,000 people came to to learn about their rights. Regardless of who is in charge, WF is the web's leading resource to get workers' rights information.

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Sleepy's drivers ruled employees; OT decision is next

The number of workers joining the gig economy has slowed dramatically, says study

Wal-Mart Tells Workers: Don’t Download Labor Group’s Chat App

Paid Family Leave Could Be a Reality in Trump’s America

UPS air maintenance workers vote 98 percent to authorize strike

NLRB Orders Wang Theatre To Bargain

Sexual harassment prevalent among tipped workers in Boston

Unions brace for pro-business shift in labor policy under Trump

Women No Longer Have To Pick Between A Paycheck And Escaping Abuse In These 2 States

No Court Delay of Overtime Rule, Labor Solicitor Predicts

Here's How Labor And Employment Might Change Under Trump

Autism in the workplace – an opportunity not a drawback

Strippers’ Arbitration Protest Redressed

Job Gains at Startups Are Way Down and That’s a Bad Sign

How Scott Walker’s Law Crushing Unions May Have Helped Trump Win Wisconsin

Topic of the Week more

Job Hunting

Technology today is changing everything, including how companies hire new employees and how job hunters find work. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

On Monday, transit workers in TWU Local 234 reached a tentative agreement with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and ended a weeklong transit strike in Philadelphia. Nearly 5,000 employees are returning to work, and the deal now goes to the local’s membership for a vote, which is set for Nov. 18. read more

I work in the United Airlines terminal as a baggage handler at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Not too long ago, the people doing my job made $22 an hour. Then United outsourced the jobs to Prospect. read more

This year’s election has stirred up a lot of controversy, arguably more than the most recent elections. Everyone is talking about the election, whether it is in person or online. What rules apply to the workplace and where do we draw the line? read more

Truck drivers and warehouse workers working for federal contractors at the Port of Los Angeles are striking for 48 hours to draw attention to wage theft and other violations. These workers work for companies that contract with the federal Department of Defense. They say they have been misclassified as “independent contractors”, had their wages stolen and have been retaliated against for exercising the right to organize. read more

In the Courts more

Prince George Operating v. NLRB

First Circuit; No. 15-2143 Decision Date: November 1, 2016

In a labor dispute involving nurses seeking to join a union and engage in collective bargaining with their employer and an employer's refusal to follow the NLRB's order to do so, the employer's petition for review of the NLRB's order denied where substantial evidence supports its finding that the nurses are not supervisors because their duties do not require the exercise of independent judgment. read more

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