an update for the week of november 4, 2004
Check out our brand new website, Short-Changed, to see how America's workers are giving more and getting less from their jobs.
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Shortchanged for Four More Years? Not If We Can Help It!: Now that post-election reality is setting in, our consideration turns to what the next four years look like for the workers of America. While having a decent job and being able to support one's family is still a matter of concern for so many Americans, its importance paled in comparison to the "moral values" which appear to have driven the results in several states, including Ohio, where a large number of jobs have been lost. It is clear that workplace advocates must do more, both in defining the ability to make a decent living as a moral imperative, and in remaining vigilant against the continuing onslaught of efforts to erode workplace protections. The new area that Workplace Fairness has added to our website, Short-Changed: America's Workers Are Giving More and Getting Less, will be a key contribution to that effort.
this week in the courts
Fain v. Wayne County Auditor's Office  (Seventh Circuit; No. 03-1720)
Decision Date: October 27, 2004
In a wrongful termination case, dismissal of plaintiff's Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) claim is reversed where the district incorrectly determined that plaintiff was not an eligible employee under the FMLA.
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