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issue 268 may. 13, 2016

THIS WEEK: 3 million. It's a YUUGE number. Broken down, that is now over ten thousand a day or 75,000 a week. That's how many people visited the Workplace Fairness website in the past year, and the number keeps going up! You can reach the tens or hundreds of thousands coming from your state by partnering with us.

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In the News more

Worker Non-Compete Clauses Are Incredibly Common and Often Make No Sense

Joe’s Crab Shack Tried Getting Rid of Tips. It Didn’t Last Long.

Gender bias in Hollywood? U.S. digs deeper to investigate the industry's hiring practices

Does Title VII ban transgender bias? 'Steady drumbeat of cases' supports DOJ in bathroom bill case

Most Employees Feel Authentic at Work, but It Can Take a While

Transgender Fight in North Carolina May Hinge On 1964 Law

Committee Passes Paid Family Leave Bill In Minnesota Senate

A modern family leave policy needs these three things

Detroit's Educational Catastrophe

Verizon workers lose benefits during strike

Teamsters pension fund to Congress: We need your help

Uber drivers unite. But is that enough to wring change from ride-sharing giant in NYC?

Are There Limits on Undocumented Workers' Title VII Rights?

Three Things That Haunt McDonald's Workplace: Minimum Wage, Rude Customers, And Bad Management

Arizona Restores Health Program for Children of Working Poor

Topic of the Week more

Leading Change

For most of us, change at work is tough. This week: three Do's and one Don't for making a change that will be more successful. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

Long before the birth of Teamsters for a Democratic Union in the mid-1970s, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) was hostile terrain for creating model local unions. In the 1930s, warehouse workers and drivers in Minneapolis revitalized Teamsters Local 574, under the leadership of Farrell Dobbs and other labor radicals. read more

Detroit teachers are organizing to prevent a bill from passing the state legislature that they say would underfund schools and limit teachers’ rights. read more

Your landlord has decided to evict you and your family has nowhere to go. Or you’re in an abusive relationship and need a restraining order and probably a divorce and custody order for your children. Or you’re a homeless veteran trying to get VA benefits and navigate the complicated claims process. Or you’re being hounded by a collector for a debt you can’t pay who’s threatening to take away all of your income. read more

Under current law, states aren’t allowed to institute drug tests for unemployment benefits. But that hasn’t kept Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) from trying. read more

Banks and payday lenders have had a good deal going for a while: They could break the law, trick their customers in illegal ways, and not have to face any consumer lawsuits. Armed by some pretty bad 5-4 Supreme Court decisions, they could hide behind Forced Arbitration clauses (fine print contracts that say consumers can’t go to court even when a bank acts illegally), even when it was clear that the arbitration clauses made it impossible for a consumer to protect their rights. read more

In the Courts more

NLRB v. Bluefield Hospital

Fourth Circuit; No. 15-1203 Decision Date: May 6, 2016

In a labor dispute between hospitals and their employees, the NLRB's application for enforcement of its final decision concluding the hospitals violated the National Labor Relations Act, 29 U.S.C. section 151 et seq., by refusing to bargain with the union, is granted where the hospitals' sole challenge to the merits of the Board's final decision to be baseless. read more

Daza v. LA Community College Dist.

California Court of Appeal; No. 261525 Decision Date: May 6, 2016

In an action arising out of a case in which an adult student sued her school and a guidance counselor alleging sexual assault, which she later dropped after the school settled her main case, the trial court's denial of the guidance counselor's motion seeking indemnity and reimbursement for his defense is reversed where, although the sexual assault alleged in the main lawsuit fell outside the scope of the guidance counselor's employment as a matter of law, under a proper interpretation of Gov. Code section 996.4, the determination of whether an employee acted within the scope of employment is factual and cannot be limited to the third party's allegations in the underlying lawsuit when the employee denies those allegations, and the employee's version of events would demonstrate acts within the scope of employment. read more

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