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issue 266 apr. 27, 2016

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In the News more

Kroger workers, retirees sue failing pension fund, trustees

Supreme Court Broadens First Amendment Protections for Public Employees

Where Jobs Are Squeezed by Chinese Trade, Voters Seek Extremes

Uber drivers welcome that $100-million settlement, but here's what they're still missing

House set to limit paid time off for federal employees under investigation

Volkswagen Reverses Course on Union at Tennessee Plant

Your new office workout: Financial fitness

When Domestic Violence Becomes A Workplace Issue

How To Deal With A Manipulator In Your Workplace

Uber Settles Cases With Concessions, but Drivers Stay Freelancers

The Unexpected Resilience of Humans in Retail

USC violated labor rules by interfering with union vote, federal report says

CPS asks teachers union for binding arbitration to avoid strike

One of the nation’s largest pension funds could soon cut benefits for retirees

States Lead the Way on Paid Family Leave

Topic of the Week more

The Meet Market: Holding Effective Meetings

Meetings can and should be productive endeavors that foster a sense of camaraderie. How, you ask? Read on. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

On Tuesday night, a psychiatric patient under Kay’s care told her she was going to beat her because Kay couldn’t give her any more phone call privileges. read more

Kenneth Quinnell

Prince Was a Champion for Working People

April 27, 2016 | Kenneth Quinnell

The world lost a musical icon [on April 21]. You’ll read about his impact as a musician and an entertainer elsewhere, but let’s take a second to look at Prince’s career-spanning fights on behalf of working people. read more

Allegra Fishel and Lauren Betters

The Issue of Paid Family Leave Just Got Some New York Size Momentum

April 26, 2016 | Allegra Fishel and Lauren Betters

On April 4, New York State passed what is being hailed as the most comprehensive and generous paid family leave law in the country. The Paid Family Leave Insurance Act (A. 3870 / S. 3004) (“PFLIA”) will provide workers in New York State with up to 12 weeks of paid leave per year, to bond with a new child, or to care for a seriously ill family member. For military families, the leave time can be used to address legal, financial and childcare issues. read more

Union supporters had reason to cheer earlier this month when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s hated “right to work” law was overturned by a Dane County Circuit Judge. read more

Maryland will soon become the second state, after New Hampshire, to phase out the “subminimum wage” for workers with disabilities. read more

In the Courts more

Advanced Disposal Servs. E., v. NLRB

Third Circuit; 15-2229 Decision Date: April 21, 2016

In a petition action for review of an order of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which held that petitioner violated sections 8(a)(1) and 8(a)(5) of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), by refusing to bargain collectively with the representatives of its employees in violation of 29 U.S.C. section 158(a)(5), the petition for review is denied where: 1) petitioner did not lose the ability to challenge Director Walsh's authority by failing to raise this issue during the representation proceeding, nor did the Stipulated Election Agreement constitute an implied accession to Director Walsh's authority; 2) Director Walsh and the Board both properly ratified their previously unauthorized actions; and 3) substantial evidence supports the Board's determination and the Hearing Officer's findings. read more

In re: NFL Players Concussion Litigation

Third Circuit; 15-2206 Decision Date: April 18, 2016

In a class action suit against the National Football League (NFL), brought by former players who alleged that the NFL failed to inform them of and protect them from the risks of concussions in football, the District Court's judgment is affirmed where the District Court was right to certify the class and approve the settlement. read more

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