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issue 256 feb. 23, 2016

THIS WEEK: While the legal community contemplates the potential appointment of a new Supreme Court justice, employees are wondering what the Supreme Court's composition means for workplace issues. When you partner with Workplace Fairness, you can share the latest developments with our weekly topical content as well as the state of current law -- updated every time there's a new Supreme Court decision.

Between websites and web content that highlight the most important issues representing workers and our deluxe listings and advertising, which reach millions looking for assistance, you can share the latest developments affecting the workplace, without spending hours digesting the latest research that you need to spend on your cases.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, please contact us at [email protected] or call 240-772-1205.

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More Than 200 Compton School Teachers Call in Sick

Uber-type work is now a band-aid for stagnant wages - but that could change

How Society Pays When Women's Work Is Unpaid

An Outspoken Force to Give Food Workers a Seat at the Table

I dare you to read this and still feel good about tipping

How the birthplace of the American labor movement just turned on its unions

Anti-Union Group Worked to Influence Elections in 5 States

Culinary Workers Union Won't Take Sides in Nevada Democratic Caucuses

Oregon lawmakers weigh landmark minimum wage proposal

The Walmart Case That Could Expand Gay Rights at Work

When Harry Truman Nearly Doubled the Minimum Wage

Walmart is rolling out big changes to worker schedules this year

Va. lawmakers advance a flurry of bills ahead of midnight deadline

Restaurants are booming despite financial market turmoil

Hillary Clinton Should Just Say Yes to a $15 Minimum Wage

Topic of the Week more

You Don't Say: Reading Non-Verbal Clues at Work

Okay, I was a fan of "Lie to Me" the TV show focusing on non-verbal communication and how it often can tell you more about what a person is actually thinking than their words. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

A bunch of congressional Republicans (and two Democrats who should be ashamed of themselves) are very upset that the Obama administration plans to expand overtime pay eligibility. read more

To talk to former uranium miners and their families is to talk about the dead and the dying. Brothers and sisters, coworkers and friends: a litany of names and diseases. read more

In this video, workers at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis react to the company announcing that it will ship 1,400 local jobs to Mexico in what they described as "strictly a business decision." read more

Sarah Lewis

Why Shouldn't Education Be Free?

February 11, 2016 | Sarah Lewis

Higher education is not a commodity. It is a social good. It's increasingly necessary to get a good, middle-class job. A more highly educated workforce can be more adaptable and make the country more competitive. So why shouldn't it be free for everyone? read more

In the Courts more

Lalli v. General Nutrition Corp.

First Circuit; No. 15-1199 Decision Date: February 12, 2016

In an action brought by a former employee of defendant, challenging his compensation arrangement under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), 29 U.S.C. sections 201-219, and the Massachusetts Minimum Fair Wage Law, Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 151, sections 1-22, the district court's dismissal of the complaint is affirmed where a compensation structure employing a fixed salary does comply with section 778.114 when it includes additional, variable performance-based commission. read more

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