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issue 253 jan. 28, 2016

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In the News more

Franchise Operators Ask High Court to Hear Minimum Wage Challenge

Guest Workers, Legal Yet Not Quite Free, Pick Florida's Oranges

Iowa Fast-Food Workers Seeking $15 Wage to Strike Ahead of Republican Debate

Uber, Lyft put pressure on taxi companies

A Surprising Number of America's Mayors Support $15 Minimum Wage

Obama's new plan would help small business workers save for retirement

Labor Goes South

DeLeo: State won't debate boost to $15 anytime soon

Lawsuits Claim Disney Colluded to Replace U.S. Workers With Immigrants

Meet the attorney suing Uber, Lyft, GrubHub and a dozen California tech firms

For Many Workers, Staying Home Is Not an Option During Blizzard

Detroit teacher: 'Why is separate and unequal okay in 2016?'

Wal-Mart strikes lawful, must reinstate workers: NLRB judge

Older Drivers Hit the Road for Uber and Lyft

To retain drivers, some trucking companies try giving them a voice on the job

Topic of the Week more

Making a Job Last

So, you've finally landed a new job! Want to make it last? Here are four strategies to make sure you don't wind up on the chopping block. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

Next month is Black History Month. We will hear stories about black Americans and their successes in this country against the barriers (slavery, Jim Crow, poll tax just to name a few) thrown in their paths. Yet for every success story, there is still the nagging fact that the median net wealth of white households is 12.2 times greater than that of black households. read more

Seven years after Republic Windows & Doors workers occupied a recently-shuttered factory in Chicago, making international news, and three years after they opened their own window company, they are receiving a $295,000 payout in bankruptcy court that is both a symbolic and pragmatic victory. read more

Meet Tarah Taylor, Lynda Berg and Shaine Griffin from the class of Union Summer 2014. These superstar summeristas are working alongside nurses, and one another, as union organizers with California Nurses Association/National Nurses United in the fight for working people. read more

If you want to know why a political revolution is necessary (and why the status quo's most intellectually fraudulent campaign in recent Democratic primaries is such a threat to working people), you need only check out this new report from our friends at the Economic Policy Institute. Wal-Mart (that would be the board the status quo candidate sat on without uttering a peep while millions of women were discriminated against and the Waltons pursued their middle-class killing business plan) essentially obliterated, conservatively, 400,000 jobs in a decade or so. read more

In the Courts more

Campbell-Ewall Co. v. Gomez

U.S. Supreme Court; 14-857 Decision Date: January 20, 2016

In a class action alleging a Navy contractor violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 47 U.S.C. section 227(b)(1)(A)(iii), which prohibits using any automatic dialing system to send a text message to a cellular telephone, absent the recipient's prior express consent, the Ninth Circuit's reversal of the district court's grant of summary judgment to defendant contractor is affirmed where: 1) an unaccepted settlement offer or offer of judgment does not moot a plaintiff's case, so the district court retained jurisdiction to adjudicate plaintiff's complaint; and 2) defendant's status as a federal contractor does not entitle it to immunity from suit for its violation of the TCPA. - See more at: read more

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