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issue 252 jan. 26, 2016

THIS WEEK: Here on the East Coast, winter is arriving in full force, and we're getting ready for the inevitable snow day. Although snow days are not nearly as much fun as an adult, you still may have some extra time in your schedule when the courts are closed and clients can't make it to your office. Use that to catch up on your 2016 marketing plan, and take a look at WF's snow day deals.

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Labor Goes South

DeLeo: State won't debate boost to $15 anytime soon

Lawsuits Claim Disney Colluded to Replace U.S. Workers With Immigrants

Meet the attorney suing Uber, Lyft, GrubHub and a dozen California tech firms

For Many Workers, Staying Home Is Not an Option During Blizzard

Detroit teacher: 'Why is separate and unequal okay in 2016?'

Wal-Mart strikes lawful, must reinstate workers: NLRB judge

Older Drivers Hit the Road for Uber and Lyft

To retain drivers, some trucking companies try giving them a voice on the job

CPS bankruptcy could void teachers contract, give power to judge

Federal Workplace Law Fails To Protect Employees Left Out Of Workers' Comp

Department of Labor sends warning shot to clients of temp staffing agencies

Detroit teachers weigh possibility of more sick-outs

Wealth Inequality Rising Fast, Oxfam Says, Faulting Tax Havens

Amazon Veers Into Labor Law Fight Zone for Hurried Deliveries

Topic of the Week more

Making a Job Last

So, you've finally landed a new job! Want to make it last? Here are four strategies to make sure you don't wind up on the chopping block. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

If you want to know why a political revolution is necessary (and why the status quo's most intellectually fraudulent campaign in recent Democratic primaries is such a threat to working people), you need only check out this new report from our friends at the Economic Policy Institute. Wal-Mart (that would be the board the status quo candidate sat on without uttering a peep while millions of women were discriminated against and the Waltons pursued their middle-class killing business plan) essentially obliterated, conservatively, 400,000 jobs in a decade or so. read more

Businesses don't just use temp staffing agencies to add workers for short periods when they need extra hands. Staffing agencies can also serve the valuable (to crappy employers) purpose of dodging responsibility. read more

As the West Virginia Legislature opened Wednesday, the first bill out of the gates was "right to work" legislation that does nothing more than attack the rights of working people. As the video above shows, workers weren't happy about the proposal and flooded the Capitol to express their opposition to the dangerous bill. read more

Women filing discrimination lawsuits against Walmart are nothing new. Walmart firing people for questionable and controversial reasons is also nothing new. Now a woman is suing the low-wage retail giant, saying she was fired after complaining about discriminatory treatment. Specifically, Rebecca Wolfinger says her boss told her she had to "choose between her career and her kids." read more

Ian Haney-Lopez

Unions Must Address Racism

January 15, 2016 | Ian Haney-Lopez

Unions must mobilize to defeat racism because it destroys solidarity and brutalizes union members, the demographics of working people are changing rapidly and morality demands action. But mobilizing all of labor to join the fight against racism will not be easy: Race fractures the labor movement itself. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said of Ferguson, Mo., "our brother killed our sister's son," and, in doing so, he spoke to the tragic facts and also to the internecine racial fault lines that shatter worker solidarity. read more

Whether on the legislative floor or in the courthouse, there is no question that LGBT rights have really come a long way in America in the last few years. But what about in the workplace? What employment law protections are there against LGBT discrimination at work? read more

In the Courts more

Campbell-Ewall Co. v. Gomez

U.S. Supreme Court; 14-857 Decision Date: January 20, 2016

In a class action alleging a Navy contractor violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 47 U.S.C. section 227(b)(1)(A)(iii), which prohibits using any automatic dialing system to send a text message to a cellular telephone, absent the recipient's prior express consent, the Ninth Circuit's reversal of the district court's grant of summary judgment to defendant contractor is affirmed where: 1) an unaccepted settlement offer or offer of judgment does not moot a plaintiff's case, so the district court retained jurisdiction to adjudicate plaintiff's complaint; and 2) defendant's status as a federal contractor does not entitle it to immunity from suit for its violation of the TCPA. - See more at: read more

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