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issue 225 jul. 8, 2015

THIS WEEK: What a great week to be an employee rights advocate! Between marriage equality, the Affordable Care Act, and now overtime upgrades, it feels like the workers are winning -- at least this week, anyway.

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Workers' pay in many occupations still catching up

More Immigration Means Higher Wages for All Workers

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When Adjuncts Go Union

"No one is making them stop": Why corporations outsource catastrophe - and workers pay the price

A Worker's Take on the New Overtime Proposal

How Politics Gutted Workplace Safety

Not all interns must be paid, court rules

Farm Labor Groups Make Progress on Wages and Working Conditions

​Which workers are seeing the biggest wage gains?

An unfruitful jobs recovery rewrites the definition of full employment

Why Labor Law Should Stop Leaning So Hard on the Wagner Act

A dire threat to public employees from the Supreme Court

Petition To Prevent Youth Minimum Wage Cuts Finalized

Working overtime hours across the world: how does the US compare?

Topic of the Week more

Low Key Job Search

Everyone has heard that it's easier to get a job when you have a job. But how exactly do you juggle doing your job with resumes, interviews, etc.? read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

Thanks to what is believed to be first of its kind legislation, legal minimum wages and worker protections may be on the horizon for California's professional cheerleaders. read more

Organized labor's recent "victory" over President Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade initiative, was short-lived, as "fast track" was passed by Congress shortly after it had been denied him earlier in the month. But labor's strong opposition to the deal is worth examining a bit more closely, as the fight was more than an uncommon rift between the administration and one of the Democratic Party's steadiest and most powerful constituency groups. read more

Robert Borosage

Jobs Report: Flat Wages, Shrinking Workforce

July 6, 2015 | Robert Borosage

The June Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report shows continued growth - 223,000 new jobs added with the official unemployment rate declining to 5.3%. Jobs growth remains steady - rising for 57 straight months, now setting a new record each month – but slow, lagging previous recoveries. The decline in the unemployment rate was largely due to 432,000 people leaving the labor force, reversing the increase that took place in May. read more

On June 19, during their biannual semester-end interviews, 17 teachers were informed by school staff that they would not be returning to Chicago's Urban Prep Academy come fall. The terminations came just weeks after 61 percent of Urban Prep's teachers voted to form a union; activists say the firings were a blatant act of anti-union retaliation. read more

Jonathan Tasini

Post-Euphoria: SCOTUS Gears Up To Destroy Unions

June 7, 2015 | Jonathan Tasini

I've kind of laughed at the analysis percolating around that, oh, surprise, the Supreme Court is a liberal bastion…or not so conservative. Well, it was a great day when marriage equality became the law of the land. But, while everyone can now marry, the Supreme Court has a very clear five-vote conservative bloc when it comes to empowering business, enhancing class warfare and making it impossible to make a decent living…married or not. read more

In the Courts more

Addington v. US Airlines Pilots Association

Ninth Circuit; No. 14-15874 Decision Date: June 26, 2015

In a labor dispute over the pilot seniority list of two airlines that merged in 2005, the district court's judgment is: 1) reversed as to the conclusion that union-defendant did not violate its duty of fair representation to the plaintiffs; and 2) vacated as moot the portion of the district court's decision denying the plaintiffs separate representation in the McCaskill-Bond proceedings. read more

Hansler v. Lehigh Valley Hospital Network

Third Circuit; No. 14-1772 Decision Date: June 22, 2015

In a case brought by a former employee who took leave under the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), 29 U.S.C. section 2601, and was terminated without her employer seeking any clarification about her medical certification, the District Court's dismissal of the complaint is reversed where in failing to afford plaintiff a chance to cure any deficiencies in her medical certification, the employer violated the Medical Leave Act. read more

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