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issue 221 jun. 10, 2015

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In the News more

Detroit teachers union chief takes on Lansing, recall bid

New York City Council to Vote on Bill to Protect Carwash Workers

Chipotle to offer tuition reimbursement to hourly workers

San Francisco Fed Sees Involuntary Part-Time Workers Remaining Elevated

Why labor groups genuinely believe they can unionize McDonald's one day

Federal contract workers strike outside U.S. courthouse in downtown Dallas

NY Walmart store investigator claims supervisors harassed her over religious beliefs

American Apparel workers protest rumored clinic closing

Judge Rules Second Version of New York Teachers' Exam Is Also Racially Biased

Ending discrimination in workplace, other areas is next gay rights battle

Congress should help pregnant workers stay healthy and on the job

Ban Noncompete Agreements. Do It Now.

California Senate Approves Bill Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Buy Health Insurance

Can the Senate stop low-wage employers from tying up workers with non-competes?

Making Victoria's Secret Pay For Keeping Staff On Call

Topic of the Week more

Staying Alive: Retirement, Not the End, But A New Beginning

Retirement is probably more complicated now for most of us, but you can still take control of the process, rather than letting it take control of you. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

Last week, domestic workers - those who care for children and clean inside people's homes - won two surprise victories securing more rights in Connecticut and Oregon. read more

Zara, the fast-fashion retailer that brought you a children's t-shirt that looks like a concentration camp uniform and a handbag decorated with swastikas, is facing a $40 million discrimination lawsuit. read more

Emily Foster

St. Louis Mayor Joins the Fight for $15

June 8, 2015 | Emily Foster

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is announcing today a bill that will raise the city's minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour for those who work for the city's larger employers. read more

Paying employees through prepaid debit cards that incur fees when workers try to withdraw their cash is illegal in Pennsylvania, a judge ruled Tuesday. read more

There's not much point in American candidates soliciting votes from workers at factories that U.S. corporations closed here and moved overseas with the help of free trade agreements (FTAs). read more

In the Courts more

Oregel v. PacPizza

California Court of Appeal; No. A141947 Decision Date: June 1, 2015

In a class action brought by a pizza delivery driver against his former employer, alleging failure to reimburse expenses in violation of Labor Code section 2802 and violation of California's Unfair Competition Law, Bus. & Prof. Code section 17200 et seq., denial of defendant-employer's motion to compel a purported arbitration agreement between the parties is affirmed where, after seventeen months of litigation and more than 1,300 attorney hours, defendant waived his right waived its right to enforce the agreement. read more

Noe v. Super. Ct.

California Court of Appeal; No. B259570 Decision Date: June 1, 2015

In a wage and hour class action against an entertainment company brought by food and beverage vendors contracted by the company, alleging failure to pay minimum wage and willfully misclassifying plaintiffs as independent contractors in violation of Labor Code section 226.8, plaintiff's petition for writ of mandate denied where: 1) section 226.8 is not limited to employers who make the misclassification decision, but also extends to any employer who is aware that a co-employer has willfully misclassified their joint employees and fails to remedy the misclassification; but 2) section 226.8 cannot be enforced through a direct private action. read more

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