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  • issue 98
  • jan. 4, 2012

THIS WEEK: Workplace Fairness would like to wish you and yours a happy New Year! If you would like to start planning for ways to grow your firm in 2012, give us a call and we'll help you create a brand new website..

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In the News more

Payroll tax bill: Impasse angers workers who could lose $20 a week or more

Millennials to business: Social responsibility isn't optional

DOL Wins Argument that Federal Law Doesn't Displace Stricter State and Local Safety Requirements

Labor Board Adopts Rules to Speed Unionization Votes

Court sets high bar for employers in discrimination case

Unions Win More Freedom to Organize in Workplace

What Millennials want from the workplace

Board adopts amendments to election case procedures

Workplace Law: Judgment entered in sex discrimination case

The New NLRB Controversy

The Coming War for the Social Workplace

Working Through the Holidays, Sort Of

A holiday wish list for the workplace

Prepping for Your Annual Review

Jim Robinson Ford-Lincoln-Mercury to Pay $56,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Lawsuit

Former N.B.A. Employee Says Sexual Harassment Concerns Were Ignored

Disability-Benefits System Faces Review

Wage Protection for Home Care Workers

Senate to take up payroll tax plan opposed by Obama

Three Types of People to Hire Today

When Are Partners Really Employees?

Lawyer Accused of Seeking Secretary with 'Benefits' Gets One-Year Suspension

Would You Rat Out Your Boss? Majority of Americans Say Yes - For a Price

Topic of the Week more

Your Future at Work: Lessons for 2012

Let's face it, 2011 was rough year. An economy going sideways, layoffs, fear of layoffs, foreclosures, a year that many would prefer to forget. If I had to sum up the year in one word it would be "Ooops." read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

The holidays are over, and you probably have that "I had too much free time since I was on vacation and haven't come into work and now its back to the grind" hangover and you are paying for it. Count your blessings there folks, because it seems like certain companies and organizations are slowly trying to creep up on your holidays-holidays. The U.S. Chamber of Congress, for example, has provided guidelines that permit employees to work on national holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. read more

2012 has just kicked off and labor unions are working hard to negotiate strong deals and important additions to workers' agreements with their employers from the get-go. In New York City, SEIU Local 32BJ has belabored an agreement for city office cleaners, increasing their wages and securing their health care. A major achievement for the office cleaners, the union, and the city, many feel this is a wonderful first step in restoring some faith in the economy. read more

Although the unemployment rate has fallen and more jobs have been created over the past few weeks, the housing crisis may still serve as a major obstacle to improving the economy and the job crisis in our country. Economists suggest that in stable economic times, people tend to move from place to place in search of new jobs or in pursuit of new job opportunities. However, with the stifling housing market and the difficulties in buying and selling homes, people aren't moving around as much. People are stuck to their current place of residence and prevented from pursuing jobs in other regions and areas. read more

Unless you have the private office with the door at your place of work, its pretty hard to find a time or a place for privacy during the workday. The only real "private" place you might be able to find is the restroom- and no one wants to bother you while you are in there. However, some employers are installing surveillance cameras into their employee bathrooms to make sure that they get every opportunity to monitor your whereabouts. Is this about insuring productivity in the workplace? Or is this just a completely inappropriate way to gain access to your employees? read more

The NLRB has postponed the enactment of a rule it proposed in August calling for all employers to hang posters informing workers of their right to unionize at the workplace. At the request of the federal court in Washington D.C., NLRB agreed to put off the effective date for this initiative. The subject and content of the rule are facing legal challenges. Until those are ironed out, no posters will be hung up of this sort. read more

Tula Connell

Unemployed Workers Win Jobless Aid Extension

December 26, 2011 | Tula Connell

Congress has recently passed an initiative to extend workers insurance for America's unemployed. At first blush, Congress's Republicans were not too interested in the initiative. However, the ongoing 99 percent v. 1 percent battle cries of Occupy Wall Street- the opinion polls showed that Americans weren't going to accept a rejection on this plan. read more

It's been a tough year for Wal-Mart- countless class action suits, accusations of discrimination towards employees, and fighting off the fairly typical criticism and they receive for their mega store ways. To top it all off, Wal-Mart's Rob Walton has been named scrooge of the year for 2011. read more

A Connecticut gun maker recently announced it plans to open shop in Florida. The decision to expand comes with the news that while Colt Firearms plans to make a production move down south, they also plan to close up shop in their home state of Connecticut. Starting in early January, Colt Firearms will begin to cut a number of jobs at their Connecticut factory. Workers are scared for their jobs and have enlisted United Auto-Workers to help with negotiations. Expansion sounds good and all- but at what cost? read more

In the Courts more

Harris v. Superior Court (Liberty Mutual Ins. Co.)

California Supreme Court; No. S156555 Decision Date: December 29, 2011

In an appeal from a judgment of the appeals court reversing the trial court's order partially decertifying plaintiffs' class and denying their motion for summary adjudication, judgment is reversed where plaintiff-insurance adjusters are not exempted from overtime compensation requirements. read more

SEIU Local 1021 v. San Joaquin County

California Supreme Court; No. C066861 Decision Date: December 28, 2011

In an appeal from a judgment of the trial court denying plaintiff's motion to compel arbitration in an action for wrongful termination, judgment is reversed where: 1) the parties agreed to arbitrate; and 2) real-party's application for retirement benefits while the parties were selecting an arbitrator did not constitute a waiver of the right to arbitrate. read more

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