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  • issue 88
  • oct. 26, 2011

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In the News more

Income Disparity And The 'Price Of Civilization'

Is Religion Above the Law?

As open enrollment starts, employers push health

Anita Hill still looking to make a difference

Ohio Wages Fierce Fight on Collective Bargaining

Thomasville City Schools Settle EEOC Age Discrimination Suit

Solving the Health Care Cost Crisis

Obama vows to break jobs plan into separate bills after Senate setback

Challenging Perceived Wisdom ... are our workplace preconceptions valid?

Workplace Confusion: Open Enrollment Benefits Season Begins

Jobs Bill Defeated Despite Presidential Push

Minimum wage to rise in eight states

Minimum wage to rise in eight states

New Research Busts Myths About the Gender Gap

Should Companies Use Credit Checks to Screen Job Applicants?

Supreme Court Justices Find Government Line in Church-State Case 'Amazing'

Recent Flurry of NLRB Complaints Puts Focus on Evolving Social Media Disciplinary Issues

New site lets consumers monitor health insurance rate hikes

Employers Exhibit Bias Against Gay Job Seekers

Judge upholds firing of Ohio teacher in Bible case

As new immigration law in Alabama takes effect, construction and farm workers flee

How to disagree with your boss -- without losing your job

Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act: Transgender New Yorkers Still Waiting For Equality

Supreme Court hears religious-workplace firing dispute

Protesters Drawing Labor Support

The legacy of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings

Federal judge finds union in contempt for failing to provide subpoenaed documents

How Employers Raid Pension Plans

Town of Clarence and Western New York Fire Companies Settle EEOC Age Discrimination Suit

Princeton Club of New York faces racial discrimination suit

Administrative Law Judge rules Chicago car dealership had overly broad employee policy, but discharged employee's activity not protected

Topic of the Week more

Finder's Keepers: How to keep your job

Today the average length of time that it takes to get a job is 40 weeks, the longest on record. With it so tough to get a job, once you do get one you want to be sure that you do everything you can to keep it. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

Last week, the National Taxi Workers Alliance joined the AFL-CIO as the first non-traditional labor group ever to join as an affiliate. The AFL-CIO is making an effort to reach out to different kinds of workers' rights organizations that may not fit the typical labor union mold. Many feel that with the AFL-CIO taking non-traditional labor groups under their wing, more workers organizations will be better able to negotiate for and improve upon their working conditions. read more

Matthew Yglesias

Yes, Public Sector Cutbacks are Hurting the Economy

October 24, 2011 | Matthew Yglesias

In another conversation about the job market and the state of employment in our economy, Matthew Yglesias examines the difference between job losses in the private sector and job losses in the public sector. In general, the scale of public sector employment is much smaller than the private sector. However, where should our employment focus be and which will benefit restoring our economy more? Public or private sector jobs? read more

A new narrative about the 99 percent and the job situation in our country has emerged. It examines the skills gap as opposed to the jobs gap. Many Americans, outside of recent college grads, are not equipped with the skills to transition into new job situations should their current jobs or career paths are disrupted. Roger Bybee suggests that maybe we need to look away from the government's role in this and consider what we, as jobless Americans, are bringing to the table. read more

Matthew Yglesias takes a look at D.C. Public Schools' IMPACT evaluation system, which was put forward by former school board chancellor, Michelle Ree. This system, which caused an uproar in its early stages of implementation for trading off job security for higher wages, has now proven to be more successful than most believed it would be. Teachers are getting paid more and the number of teachers keeping their jobs and those getting the axe as a result of the evaluation system is pretty even. read more

Laura Clawson

Poll Finds Ohio's Issue 2 Headed for Defeat

October 19, 2011 | Laura Clawson

The polls in Ohio are getting a lot of activity these days with a referendum on Issue 2 on the table. The referendum asks Ohio citizens whether they will approve or reject the proponents of Senate Bill 5, which limits collective bargaining rights for public employees. As the polls continue to fluctuate between those in opposition and those in favor, the political parties of the state are beginning to get involved to sway the vote. read more

In an effort to cut back labor costs, many companies classify a large portion of their workforce as "independent contractors." This helps to reduce pay roll taxes and reduce concern with labor code requirements. However, a recent trend has emerged where employers are misclassifying employees as "independent contractors" to catch a break. California has enacted a new law that will make the misclassification of employees a punishable offense. read more

Promises and promises, but no guarantees. As the 2012 campaign season approaches, we are prepared to hear the long list of promises and reassurances that our presidential candidates are planning to present to Americans about what they can do to restore our country to economic greatness. However, we can't help but doubt that these politicians won't fulfill these promises. Instead,we need to find a way to restore jobs and help our communities get back on their feet. Michelle Chen takes a look at how labor agreements may have the answers to dealing with all of these unfulfilled promises. read more

Members of AFL-CIO in Charleston, West Virginia marched together last week in an effort supporting America Wants to Work National Week of Action. This is an effort to promote a real jobs agenda. Several dozens of people gathered together to discuss one of the easiest ways to build jobs- rebuilding America's infrastructure. More meetings like this are expected to take place in other parts of the county, including Boston and Baltimore. read more

With an increasing number of people joining the Occupy Wall Street movement, one can't help but wonder how did we get to this point? How has Wall Street, who has been tied to so many recessions, depressions, and economic troubles, managed to stay on top through it all? The answer: our government. Zaid Jilani takes a look at how Washington and Wall Street have worked in tandem to keep Wall Street dominating. read more

The recent press surrounding the 99 Percent Movement has case a light on the extreme disparities among Americans in regards to their socio-economic status. This is not new news, however. The downturn of the economy over the past few years has widened the gap. The best way to address this inequality is to find a way to stimulate jobs. read more

In the Courts more

Ramos-Echevarria v. Pichis

First Circuit; No. 10-1522 Decision Date: October 21, 2011

In an appeal from an order of the district court dismissing plaintiff's ADA claim that defendant-employer discriminated against him on the basis of his epilepsy, judgment is affirmed where defendant's condition does not render him disabled within the meaning of the ADA, and because the court did not abuse its discretion in declining to exercise supplemental jurisdiction over plaintiff's state claims. read more

Ford-Clifton v. Department of Veterans Affairs

Federal Circuit; No. 2011-3103 Decision Date: October 19, 2011

In an appeal from a judgment of the Merit Systems Protection Board dismissing petitioner's application for review of an administrative denial of her claim for relief after she was removed from a long-held employment position, judgment is affirmed where: 1) petitioner failed to show good cause for her untimely application; and 2) a settlement agreement between the parties operates as a res judicata bar read more

Brennan v. Townsend & O'Leary Enterprises, Inc.

California Supreme Court; No. G042398 Decision Date: October 18, 2011

In an appeal from a judgment of the trial court granting defendant's motion for JNOV in plaintiff's action for hostile work environment, judgment is affirmed where insufficient evidence supported the jury's finding that plaintiff was subjected to severe or pervasive harassment based on her gender read more

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