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  • issue 81
  • aug. 3, 2011

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In the News more

Why We Need to Protect Ex-Con Job Seekers from Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination Charges at Record High

Who Cares About LGBT Workers?

Bank Of The West To Pay $48,000 To Settle EEOC Sex Bias Hiring Lawsuit

Facing Call for Concessions, Verizon Workers Vote to Authorize Strike

Boeing Seeks to Seal Documents in Labor Case

NLRB Rebuffs Issa Demand for Boeing Documents. Subpoenas Next?

Employers to hike pay, but only for a select few

Raymond Jefferson leaves Labor Department after ethics finding

Boeing asks NLRB to conduct some hearings in private

Lawyer Accused of Harassing Employee, Asking Her to Wear Swimsuit to the Office

$100k settlement reached in school sexual harassment case

21 endangered workplace benefits

Study Shows Racial Wealth Gap Grows Wider

Legal Secretary's Discrimination Suit Against Jones Day Is Dismissed

Virtual Workplace: Next Frontier Of Employer Liability

EEOC reconsiders policy on criminal background checks

Goldman Sachs fights bias lawsuit, cites Wal-Mart

Plaintiffs in Wal-Mart Bias Case Return to Court

House Committee Passes Bill to Rein In NLRB

Attacks on NLRB imperil due process

Labor Deal Roils Conn. Employees

Corporate America's chokehold on wages

Why Hasn't Employment of the Elderly Fallen?

Topic of the Week more

Not Horrible Bosses: Adapting Your Leadership Style

Read about most CEO's and leaders and you quickly learn one thing, leaders have a distinctive style: decisive, collaborative, strategic, whatever. But I believe the key to effective leadership today is to combine a variety of styles. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

Organizers say a lawsuit filed by a Minnesota grocery store chain against a worker center is nothing more than an attempt to bankrupt and silence them. Supervalu's suit is a culmination of activity over 18 months in which workers have been calling for fair pay and better working conditions. read more

David Weisenfeld

Challenge to Health Care Law Flying Under the Radar

August 2, 2011 | David Weisenfeld

Summer is a sleepy time at the Supreme Court as most of the justices exit the scorching Washington heat. read more

Bob Rosner

What We Really Want

August 1, 2011 | Bob Rosner

According to a worldwide study by the Hay Group, the number one desire of employees was career advancement. Yep, we'd rather make progress in our careers than just get a wad of cash. read more

The labor movement has always derived its power from its ability to mobilize people as a collective whole. But that potential to catalyze social action, and to resonate across lines of color and nationality, is precisely what makes the movement a political target around the world. And that's why the attack on young progressive activists in Norway was both shocking and yet not unpredictable read more

When Republican House leaders forced a shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last week, they not only forced the layoff of 4,000 FAA workers, they also put at risk nearly 90,000 construction jobs at airports around the country. read more

CHICAGO--The Hyatt hotel chain turned up the heat on striking and picketing workers--literally--here Thursday, as 10 hanging heat lamps normally used in winter were turned on workers picketing outside the downtown Park Hyatt. This occurred on one of the year's hottest days--with a heat index well above 100 degrees and the temperature over 80 degrees, with high humidity even early in the morning--part of a lethal nationwide heat wave. read more

"We are in the midst of the most dangerous threat to Social Security I have seen in my lifetime," exclaimed Ross Eisenbrey, Vice President for the Economic Policy Institute during opening remarks last Wednesday for a panel discussion on young people and Social Security. As discussions got underway it became apparent that while Social Security may be threatened, the youth of America thought it was one of the most important benefits the government provided and Social Security would stay strong as long as politics allowed it. read more

Bob Rosner

I'm a Guy and I'm Stressed Out

July 25, 2011 | Bob Rosner

Ah, the good old days. It's 1977 and the Labor Department's Quality of Work study found that 34 percent of men say that they're experiencing some kind of work and home life stress. About one in three. Fast forward to 2008 and the same question gets agreement from 49 percent of men with families. Just about half. read more

In the Courts more

Cahoon, Jr. v. Shelton

First Circuit; No. 10-2134 Decision Date: July 22, 2011

In a class-action dispute arising from the termination of certain benefits paid to retired firefighters and police officers, judgment of the district granting defendant partial summary judgment is affirmed where the plaintiffs, with the exception of two who succeeded in making out a claimant-specific case for estoppel, failed to show any basis in law or in equity sufficient to force payment of retirement benefits read more

Bergerson v. Office of Mental Health

Second Circuit; No. 10-1040 Decision Date: July 21, 2011

In a dispute arising from a Title VII and state law action alleging disparate treatment and a hostile work environment, 42 U.S.C. sections 2000e-17 and N.Y. Exec. Law sections 290-301, judgment of the district court is affirmed where the court properly held that the plaintiff abandoned her state law claims, but reversed where the court, without holding a separate inquest into backpay and without submitting the issue to the jury, improperly denied plaintiff's claim to backpay on the ground that the magnitude of the jury's award ensures that plaintiff will be made whole for her injuries, including for any lost wages, and for any pain, suffering, or emotional distress read more

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