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  • issue 67
  • mar. 9, 2011

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In the News more

Cigna sued on claims of gender bias

EEOC Seeks Public Comment on Plan To Review its Significant Regulations

California labor market recovery to go more slowly than predicted, report says

Democrats to End Union Standoff

Jobs Open, but Filling Them Slows Down

Wellness and workplace productivity

A System That Encourages Small Businesses Not to Hire Older Workers

America's union story: Blood, struggle and bargaining for good and bad

The Best Way for Retirees to Leave the Workforce

Cigna sued on claims of gender bias

Facebook and Labor Laws: Can Internet Posts Get You Fired?

Channel 25 Settles EEOC Race And Sex Bias Suit

Age Discrimination in The Workplace: Is It Ageism Or Your Attitude?

Supreme Court Finds Employer Liable Because of Discrimination by Proposing Official

Delta faces charges of union bias in profit-sharing

Topic of the Week more

The Adjustment Bureau: Conducting a Performance Review

Talk to most bosses and you'll quickly discover that there is one thing that they dread: conducting performance reviews of employees. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

The problems facing working women extend across national boundaries, and today, International Women's Day, women organizers on opposite sides of the world shared ideas and inspiration. read more

Jonathan Tasini

Football on the Brink

March 8, 2011 | Jonathan Tasini

It has always been even harder for sports figures compared to other workers (harder than it is for public workers too!) to generate a lot of sympathy among the public for a strike-but the truth is this a battle between big corporations and their workers. read more

Bob Rosner

There Is No Crying In Business, Yet

March 7, 2011 | Bob Rosner

How did the very thing that used to end a career, or serve as a punch line, suddenly become the thing to do? read more

After three months of working in a Wal-Mart warehouse in the Chicago suburbs last fall, Robert Hines was fed up with getting paid much less than he had been promised by the company Reliable Staffing, which hired temporary workers to unload containers. read more

In the Courts more

Adam v. Norton

Ninth Circuit; No. 09-17091 Decision Date: March 1, 2011

In a dispute over the scope of government sovereign immunity waiver under the Back Pay Act, 5 USC sections 5596(b)(1)-(b)(2)(A), grant of motion for relief from judgment is reversed because sovereign waiver of immunity applies to interest on an award of back pay for employment termination in violation of the ADEA. read more

Staub v. Proctor Hospital

U.S. Supreme Court; No. 09-400 Decision Date: March 1, 2011

In dispute involving the scope of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA), if a supervisor performs an act motivated by anti-military animus that is intended by the supervisor to cause an adverse employment action, and if that act is a proximate cause of the ultimate employment action, then employer is liable under USERRA. read more

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