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  • issue 64
  • feb. 3, 2011

Snow Day Special - Again.

Our last Snow Day Special was so popular, we're doing it again! This time, both the Midwest and the Northeast are facing some of the worst winter storms ever. Even if you're not affected by the weather, you can still take advantage of the misery afflicting the rest of the country. The first 10 people to sign up by the close of business (PST) on February 4, 2011, to have Workplace Fairness build your new website or improve your current website will get two months or more free content and service! Sign up today, and your renewal date will be April 1, 2012.

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In the News more

National Guardsman Awarded $600,000 in Hiring Bias Case Against Oldham

'Right-to Work' Would Deliver Another Blow to Employees

Stop Asking Job Candidates the 'Biggest Weakness' Question

EEOC Sues Amtrak for Gender Bias, Retaliation

How Will Supreme Court Rule On Health Care Law?

Update on Reverse Discrimination -- What About the 'N' Word?

Toshiba Faces $100 Million Gender Bias Lawsuit

When Negativity Infects Your Office

The NLRB Is On The Offensive

Why Companies Need to Start Hiring Older Workers

States Rebuff Federal Threat Over Union Laws

8 Simple Ways to Customize Your Resume

Working on Immigration

Angry Employees at Central Park's Boathouse Restaurant Secretly Taping Their Bosses

San Pedro Woman Awarded $3.2M in Wage Dispute with Sportswear Firm

Why Companies Need to Start Hiring Older Workers

You Just Found Out Your Coworker Is Making More Than You. Now What?

Career Journal: How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Work

Obama and Business May Get On Well, but When Will That Produce Jobs?

Topic of the Week more

Resume Billboard: Highlighting What's Important on Your Resume

Literally standing out from the crowd is one way to try to get hired, but there are many more proven strategies. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

The announcement by Obama to eliminate burdensome regulation was seen as dramatic tilt to the right for the White House, which is increasingly pro-business. read more

Leo Gerard

Making America the Best Place on Earth to Work

February 2, 2011 | Leo Gerard

Not the wars. Not greenhouse gasses. Not even the deficit. The issue most important to Americans is jobs. Despite that, jobs failed to make an appearance in the State of the Union address. read more

Kari Lydersen

Another Proposed Chicago Wal-Mart Sparks Opposition

February 1, 2011 | Kari Lydersen

Six years ago, Wal-Mart's efforts to build its first store within the Chicago city limits sparked a city-wide furor and debate over the big box giant's labor and community practices…and led to the passage of a historic living wage "Big Box Ordinance" heralded as a national model. read more

Representatives of the Egyptian union movement announced they are forming a new labor federation, the Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, which will represent workers in more than a dozen industries and enterprises. read more

...while the NLRB has expanded the rights of workers in theory, it still has not changed the penalties for illegal union busting. read more

In the Courts more

NASA v. Nelson

U.S. Supreme Court; No. 09-530 Decision Date: January 19, 2011

In an action claiming that NASA's National Agency Check with Inquiries background check process violated a constitutional right to informational privacy, the Ninth Circuit's reversal of the district court's denial of a preliminary injunction is reversed where, assuming, without deciding, that the government's challenged inquiries implicated a privacy interest of constitutional significance, that interest, whatever its scope, did not prevent the government from asking reasonable questions of the sort included on the forms at issue in an employment background investigation that was subject to the Privacy Act's safeguards against public disclosure. read more

Ervin v. OS Restaurant Servs., Inc.

Seventh Circuit; No. 09-3029 Decision Date: January 18, 2011

In plaintiffs' suit against their employer under the FLSA, the Illinois Minimum Wage Law (IMWL), and the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act, claiming that the employer violated the minimum wage and maximum hour provisions of both the FLSA and the IMWL, district court's denial of plaintiffs' effort to proceed as a class under Rule 23(b)(3) on the ground that there is a clear incompatibility between the plaintiffs' FLSA proceeding and their proposed class action is reversed and remanded, as there is no categorical rule against certifying a Rule 23(b)(3) state law class action in a proceeding that also includes a collective action brought under the FLSA because nothing in the text of the FLSA or the procedures established by the statute suggests either that the FLSA was intended generally to oust other ordinary procedures used in federal court or that class actions in particular could not be combined with an FLSA proceeding. read more

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