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  • issue 45
  • aug. 13, 2010

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In the News more

Background Checks in Hiring: Discrimination or Due Diligence?

Anti-union measure to be debated in 4 states

Attractive women are often passed over for 'masculine' jobs

A New Prop 8 Debate: On Judge Walker and Recusal

Recession taking toll on America's workforce as many want to quit

EEOC Sues Princeton Healthcare System for Disability Discrimination

In Ugly Economy, Age Bias Claims Are a Tough Sell

Americans Afraid to Take Full Vacations

EEOC tweaks government for not reflecting American tapestry

Workplace bias on the rise, EEOC says

Boomers wanting to work past retirement age find limited options

Settlement in harassment suit against airport firm

What the Great Recession Has Done to Family Life

Decision paves way for age-bias suit against Google

U.S. Job Market Loses Steam

Census Accused of Hiring Discrimination

'Seniors' Edging Out Youngsters in Workforce

Age-bias case vs. Google can move forward, state Supreme Court rules

Ruling against Prop. 8 could lead to federal precedent on gay marriage

It's Not Just Women in the Workplace. Men Are Being Discriminated Against Too.

Health Bill May Be Lenient on Employers

Topic of the Week more

99-ers--Dealing With Friends Who've Exhausted Their Unemployment Insurance:

With the stock market and corporate profits slowing returning, it is easy to believe that the worst of the recession is behind us. read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

Talk about fear of unions and real worker rights, even if passed, the amendment wouldn't go into effect unless Congress passes and the president signs the Employee Free Choice Act. read more

On August 5, 2010, the California Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision concerning the type of evidence a worker can rely upon to prove an employer discriminated against him or her. read more

Leo Gerard

What's Green, White and Blue? American Jobs

August 11, 2010 | Leo Gerard

Red, as in furiously red, defined the day last fall when a consortium of companies announced it wanted $450 million in U.S. stimulus money to build a wind farm in Texas, creating 2,000 jobs in China and 300 in America. read more

Bob Rosner

The Entitlement Poster Child for 2010

August 9, 2010 | Bob Rosner

Have you heard about Mark Hurd, the superstar who turned around HP? He was on track to earn $100 million payday for his efforts. Until he was shown the door last week. read more

Depending on how broadly the Court reads the question presented in Concepcion, the case could decide the fate of consumer and employee class actions for years to come. read more

In the Courts more

Henry v. Wyeth Pharms., Inc.

Second Circuit; No. 08-1477-cv Decision Date: August 4, 2010

In an action for racial discrimination and retaliation in violation of Title VII, judgment for defendants is affirmed in part where, although a reasonable juror could certainly have considered certain remarks by plaintiff's colleagues discriminatory, they have little probative value in the context of the case. However, the judgment is vacated in part where the district court's instruction on causation was erroneous because a causal connection was sufficiently demonstrated if the agent who decides to impose the adverse action but is ignorant of the plaintiff's protected activity acts pursuant to encouragement by a superior (who has knowledge) to disfavor the plaintiff. read more

Saenz v. Harlingen Med. Ctr., L.P.

Fifth Circuit; No. 09-40887 Decision Date: August 3, 2010

In a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) action based on plaintiff's alleged termination due to her epilepsy, summary judgment for defendant is reversed where the district court erred when it held plaintiff to defendant's heightened in-house procedure, and further, plaintiff provided the minimum required notice under FMLA's default requirements. read more

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