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  • issue 26
  • feb. 9, 2010

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In the News more

Senate to Vote on Bill Prohibiting Sexual Identity Discrimination

Va. Senate Approves Job Protection for Gay State Workers

New Sexual Harassment Suits Go Beyond The Pool, Allege Harrah's Knew and Covered up

Women Now a Majority in U.S. Workplaces

Boston Skycap Suit Goes National After Ruling

Court Approves $6.2 Million Distribution in EEOC v. Sears Disability Settlement

Top Priority: Good Jobs

Attrell's Funeral Chapels Pays $62,500 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Renewable Energy Commitment Could Double Jobs

What Happens If Nothing Happens to Health Care?

Plumsted, Ex-officer Settle Sexual Harassment Suit for $275,000

Executives Get Down and Dirty in 'Undercover Boss'

Health Bill May Be Lenient on Employers

Topic of the Week more

Old Dogs & New Tricks - How to get a job you love

Your Rant: How do you really get a job today? read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

David Isenberg

KBR is Asking for It

February 9, 2010 | David Isenberg

After all the bad press U.S. engineering and construction company KBR has received over the years for its operations in Iraq , both during its time as a Halliburton subsidiary and since, one might think it had learned a thing or two about how to avoid sticking its foot in its mouth. read more

The new CBS "reality" show "Undercover Boss" that debuted last night after the Super Bowl is a 21st century sugar-coated fairy tale. read more

Bob Rosner

What Is the Best Mindset to Bring to Work

February 8, 2010 | Bob Rosner

Most of us bring some "habits" to work on a regular basis. After doing a lot of interviews and research, I came up with five. read more

The index of total hours worked is below the November 1997 level. read more

Tula Connell

Danger: Falling Middle Class

February 5, 2010 | Tula Connell

Jack Cafferty at CNN this week asked viewers one of his seemingly routine questions. But the responses to: "How has definition of 'middle-class American' changed?" reveal a cataclysmic shift in our nation's economic identity. Gary from El Centro, Calif., summed up the vast majority of the nearly 200 responses... read more

In the Courts more

Miller v. Hersman

D.C. Circuit; No. 08-5494 Decision Date: February 5, 2010

In a sex and age discrimination action, summary judgment for defendant is reversed where: 1) defendant failed to carry its burden to show that plaintiff did not timely contact an EEO counselor and thus did not exhaust his administrative remedies; and 2) plaintiff did not fail to respond to defendant's exhaustion argument. read more

King v. McMillan

Fourth Circuit; No. 08-1667 Decision Date: February 3, 2010

In plaintiff-former deputy's suit against a sheriff in his official capacity under Title VII for sexual harassment and in his individual capacity under Virginia law for battery, district court's substitution of new sheriff as the defendant in her official capacity in the Title VII claim and jury verdict in favor of plaintiff is affirmed as to accept defendant's argument that because each sheriff in Virginia is by state law a singular entity with an independent tenure, she could not be substituted in her official capacity as the successor to the former sheriff in the Title VII claim, would be to allow a state law to override Title VII in violation of the Supremacy Clause. Defendants' remaining challenges are rejected. read more

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