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  • issue 3
  • july 30, 2009

THIS WEEK: you'll learn about tips for getting hired, new minimum wage standards, the continuing health care battle, and more...

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In the News more

As work force grays, employers lag behind

Back to the 9-to-5--Finally

What Green Jobs?

Cross-train to arrive at recession's finish line

7 Mistakes Bosses Make When Giving Criticism

No Doubts: Women Are Better Managers

Jobless Checks for Millions Delayed as States Struggle

Showdown on Health Reform: Chamber, Insurers vs. Obama, Labor, Grass-Roots Activists

Topic of the Week more

Looking for Work in All the Wrong Places…How to really get hired

Your Rant: Is anyone out there hiring? read more

BLOGS: Today’s Workplacemore

A heated argument is going on about the right health insurance model between those those who believe in a public option and those who believe in single payer. read more

Paul Secunda

Confusing the Terms of the Health Care Debate

July 30, 2009 | Paul Secunda

Martin Feldstein, a brilliant conservative economist, has his facts wrong on the health care debate in an op-ed he penned today in the Washington Post. read more

Dave Johnson

Why I am Pro-Corporate

July 29, 2009 | Dave Johnson

I am pro-corporate. I'll go a step further with that and proclaim that I believe that there are no bad corporations, and that I haven't seen any corporations do anything wrong. read more

The phrase "green jobs" has been thrown out right and left recently, with everything from urban farming to building wind turbines and solar panels to producing plain old insulation described as a "green job." read more

Frank Dobbin

Lieutenant Sotomayor?

July 28, 2009 | Frank Dobbin

Could Sonia Sotomayor have moved up the ranks in the New Haven Fire Department? read more

Using a combination of integrated, team-based care and technology, Kaiser Permanente of Southern California developed a Healthy Bones initiative that not only reduced fractures in the most at-risk patients by 37 percent, but lowered the care cost for the same patients by 30 percent. read more

Bob Rosner

The Trouble With Women at Work, part 2 of 2

July 27, 2009 | Bob Rosner

Let's face it; work is still a patriarchy. Okay, I know there are a few men out there who work in a women-managed department or company, but they're the exception and certainly not the rule. read more

Bob Rosner

The Trouble With Men at Work, part 1 of 2

July 27, 2009 | Bob Rosner

Most guys are cardboard cut outs. They wouldn't know a real emotional feeling if it snuck up behind them and bit them on the butt. read more

Today's increase means a full-time minimum wage earner will receive $28 more a week. This raise is badly needed. It is also categorically insufficient. read more

We should all be glad that millions of people are going to get a bit more money in their pockets. But, this hike masks a very grim fact: the \"recovery\" is not going to happen anytime soon, if the measure we use for \"recovery\" is that working Americans are going to find meaningful, full-time, decently-paid employment. read more

Hannah Goitein

Federal Minimum Wage Increase

July 24, 2009 | Hannah Goitein

Effective July 24th, 2009, the Federal Minimum Wage will increase from its current level of $6.55 (previously $5.85) to $7.25 an hour, according to the United States Department of Labor. read more

Kari Henley

Why Americans Are The Worst Vacationers

July 23, 2009 | Kari Henley

Been on a vacation yet this summer? How was it? Did you come back feeling rested and refreshed? Good for you. Or, did you get swept up into a modern 'American-style' vacation: unable to forget about work, anxiety about email pile-up, tweeting every moment as it happened, and returning home wiped out, cranky and desperate to get back to the desk and routine? read more

In the Courts more

Casna v. City of Loves Park

Seventh Circuit; No. 07-1044 Decision Date: July 24, 2009

In an employment termination brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act, summary judgment for defendant is reversed where: 1) plaintiff is entitled to proceed to trial on her due-process claim as she had a property interest in continuing employment and defendant deprived her of it without a hearing; and 2) an informal complaint may constitute protected activity for purposes of retaliation claims under the ADA; and 3) there is a triable issue as to whether the employer initiated plaintiff's discharge because she had just protested her supervisor's possibly discriminatory attitude or because her work performance was inadequate. read more

EEOC v. Central Wholesalers, Inc.

Fourth Circuit; No. 08-1181 Decision Date: July 21, 2009

In a Title VII action by the EEOC claiming that defendant subjected an employee to a hostile work environment based on her gender and race, summary judgment for defendant is reversed where the evidence, viewed in the light most favorable to the EEOC, would allow a reasonable jury to conclude that the harassment was: 1) unwelcome; 2) based on plaintiff's gender or race; 3) sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the conditions of her employment and create an abusive atmosphere; and 4) imputable to defendant. read more

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