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Love and Marriage at Work (and a Little Sex Too): With Valentine's Day upon us, it's the time of year where those of us who follow workplace trends are faced with reading a plethora of articles about workplace romance. To save you some time, here's how most of these articles can be summed up: 1) Workplace romance: it happens, but it can be a bad idea; 2) Don't let it end badly or try to date someone you supervise; 3) Having a "work spouse" can be a good idea; 4) There are actually articles which rate a job's "sexiness;" and 5) What are those people "doing it" at work thinking?
this week in the courts
Engquist v. Oregon Dep't of Agric. ?(Ninth Circuit; No. 05-35170, 05-35263)
Decision Date: February 8, 2007
The class-of-one theory of equal protection is not applicable to decisions made by public employers. Also, there is substantive due process protection against government employer actions that foreclose access to a particular profession to the same degree as government regulation. [Sign-in required.]
Wishkin v. Potter ?(Third Circuit; No. 05-4743)
Decision Date: February 7, 2007
In a case involving a claim of disability discrimination brought by mentally disabled plaintiff under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, summary judgment for defendant-USPS is reversed where substantial evidence supported plaintiff's argument that a doctor's letter, which formed the basis for adverse summary judgment, was only procured under duress and as a result of a calculated attempt to force similarly situated disabled employees to take permanent disability retirement. [Sign-in required.]
Dukes v. Wal-Mart, Inc. ?(Ninth Circuit; No. 04-16688, 04-16720)
Decision Date: February 6, 2007
In a class action suit by women employees against Wal-Mart alleging sexual discrimination under Title VII, certification of plaintiffs' class with minor modifications is affirmed where there was no abuse of discretion in a conclusion that it would be better to handle this case as a class action instead of clogging the federal courts with innumerable individual suits litigating the same issues repeatedly. [Sign-in required.]
The Good, the Bad, and Wal-Mart
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