an update for the week of january 8, 2007
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What Makes a Job Great?: If you've paid attention to this blog, or the Workplace Fairness website, you know that we often have the job of sharing bad news, or the worst of what goes on in the American workplace. But what does it take to make a place a great one to work? With all of the bad news out there, we might be tempted to settle for just the absence of some of the worst legal violations and unfair practices. But there are some ways that employers can truly distinguish themselves, as acknowledged by some of the leading contests and recognition programs out there.
this week in the courts
Decision Date: January 4, 2007
Summary judgment for defendant-employer in a suit alleging that plaintiff had been fired from his job due to his military service is reversed where the district court incorrectly applied the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act's burden-shifting analysis. [Sign-in required.]
The Good, the Bad, and Wal-Mart
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Wal-Mart: Bad for Workers, Bad for America
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