an update for the week of september 27, 2004
"Gives me a chance if a deer runs in from either direction."

Former middle-class factory worker Scott Clark, on why he keeps to the middle of the road in the middle of the night in his new job as a delivery van driver, for which he gets no health care, no vacation, and no pension.
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Can You Tell Me Where My Job Is? And While You're At It, Where's My American Dream?: If Robert Boyer seems like an angry person, perhaps he will be forgiven once you hear his story, an all-too-familiar one these days: Plant electrician at a circuit board factory in Virginia for four decades, retrained in computers when the plant closed, but now working at Home Depot for $11.50 an hour. Boyer is one of millions who used to enjoy a middle class lifestyle, but now find that way of life is gone forever, at an age when most are ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of their decades of hard labor. The American Dream is disappearing, but does anybody care?
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Hoge v. Honda of America Mfg.  (Sixth Circuit; No. 03-3452, 03-3477)
Decision Date: September 16, 2004
Under the Family Medical Leave Act, if an employee returning from sick leave can perform the essential function of his previous or an equivalent position, the right to restoration is triggered on the employee's timely return from leave.
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