an update for the week of june 7, 2004
I went to a labor dispute and a hockey game broke out.

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Workers of the U.S., Unite at the Polls!: Those attending last week's conference sponsored by the Campaign for America's Future in Washington, DC (like myself) were treated to a steady stream of rousing speeches and policy advocacy from some of our nation's leading politicians, strategists and activists. But the message which overwhelmingly stood out for me after two and a half jam-packed days of presentations: American workers, in order to protect their interests, must vote in November. Yet many don't, and those who do often do so for reasons other than those issues critical to their livelihood. Those of us who wish to elevate the plight of the American worker and make workplace issues a key part of the policy debate have a great deal of work to accomplish before November 2004.
this week in the courts
Ballaris v. Wacker Siltronic  (Ninth Circuit; No. 02-35956)
Decision Date: June 3, 2004
Under the FLSA, employer improperly failed to pay employees for time spent dressing in uniforms to work in manufacturing clean room. Employer may not offset dressing time against paid lunch period.
Trollinger v. Tyson Foods, Inc.  (Sixth Circuit; No. 02-6020)
Decision Date: June 3, 2004
In a labor dispute alleging RICO violations, the District Court, not the NLRB was found to have jurisdiction. An employee has statutory standing to vindicate a wrong within the heart of the union's domain.
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