an update for the week of october 3, 2005
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Post-Hurricane Opportunities for Employers to Do Good: Leave Time: While last week, I spoke about some of the ways the hurricane-spawned disaster in the Gulf Coast region was being used to harm workers, there is not universal cause for pessimism. There are also many positive things that employers and their employees have been doing and continue to do, both to directly support those affected by the storms, and to enable their employees to lend their support as well. Chief among those efforts is allowing employees to take leave (or its pay equivalent) to assist hurricane victims.
Hurricanes: The Worst Excuse to Take Away Workers' Rights (Not That One's Needed): In the weeks since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, and after Hurricane Rita recently paid a visit, we've had the opportunity to see how such disasters bring out the best -- and worst -- in everyone. Amongst many stories of courage and heroism you will also find examples of the worst behavior you might expect in such a crisis. When viewing how workers have fared, you will see many agendas being promoted, but a few in particular seem designed to hurt workers' interests long after the floodwaters subside. This should come as no surprise, except that we've all come to expect better when a tragedy of this scope is involved.
this week in the courts
DeLoughery v. City of Chicago  (Seventh Circuit; No. 04-2657, 04-2876)
Decision Date: September 7, 2005
In an employment dispute alleging retaliation, a jury verdict in favor of plaintiff is affirmed over defendant's challenge to the district court's jury instructions.
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