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John Roberts Nomination for Chief Justice: Bad News for Workers?: As the nation reeled from the massive destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, it was also newsworthy that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, William H. Rehnquist, passed away following a battle with thyroid cancer. John Roberts, having already been nominated to fill the seat of retiring Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, was quickly nominated by President Bush for consideration as the new Chief Justice. Roberts' nomination battle became that much more critical, as the individual selected as the next Chief Justice will have the ability to mold the Court for the next few decades. Since Roberts was initially nominated, more about his likely views on employment and civil rights issues has come to light, and should be of key concern to the U.S. Senate when deciding whether to confirm him.
this week in the courts
Dominguez-Curry v. Nevada Transp.  (Ninth Circuit; No. 03-16959)
Decision Date: September 14, 2005
In an employment discrimination dispute, summary judgment in favor of
defendant is reversed where plaintiff presented ample evidence from which
a reasonable trier of fact could conclude that she was subjected to a
hostile work environment.
Kruchowski v. The Weyerhaeuser Co.  (Tenth Circuit; No. 04-7118)
Decision Date: September 14, 2005
Defendant-employer's Release of Claims, which waives an employees right to
assert an Age Discrimination in Employment Act claim, is invalid and
unenforceable where it did not meet the strict statutory requirements of
the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act.
DeLoughery v. City of Chicago  (Seventh Circuit; No. 04-2657, 04-2876)
Decision Date: September 7, 2005
In an employment dispute alleging retaliation, a jury verdict in favor of plaintiff is affirmed over defendant\'s challenge to the district court\'s jury instructions.
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