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Not Everyone Gets a Five-Week Vacation: It's the time of year when it seems like everyone is getting in that last bit of vacation time while summer is still here. Parents are trying to get away with the kids before school starts. Congress is on recess. Even my own vacation partially explains the sparse blog postings as of late. But the champion when it comes to vacation time has to be our President, who is spending a whopping five weeks away from the White House at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. While the President may have been reelected in part due to his ability to relate to ordinary Americans, his lengthy vacation is one thing to which ordinary Americans, by and large, cannot relate.
this week in the courts
Jute v. Hamilton Sundstrand Corp.  (Second Circuit; No. 04-3927)
Decision Date: August 23, 2005
An employee who is named as a voluntary witness in a Title VII suit, but who is never called on to testify, is protected under Title VII's anti-retaliation clause.
Washington v. Illinois Dep't of Revenue  (Seventh Circuit; No. 03-3818)
Decision Date: August 22, 2005
The district court erred in holding that there can be no violation of Title VII without an adverse employment action.
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