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WF Blog Selected by Forbes as "Best of the Web": We're taking a short break from our regularly scheduled employment-related news to share some other exciting news. This blog, Today's Workplace, has been selected by as one of its "Best of the Web" picks in the "Career Blog" category. While Forbes is not the kind of publication we would generally expect to recognize our kind of work, we are thrilled to have been selected "from countless sites on the internet as one of a handful of featured blogs in [the Career Blog] category," especially if it helps more workers in need find their way here to the Workplace Fairness website.
this week in the courts
Orr v. City  (Tenth Circuit; No. 03-2287)
Decision Date: August 3, 2005
Dismissal of plaintiffs' civil rights lawsuit is reversed where their evidence is sufficient to raise an inference of discrimination since they have presented admissible evidence that defendant-employer treated at least one non-pregnant employee more favorable than them.
Cross v. N.Y. City Transit Auth.  (Second Circuit; No. 04-1912)
Decision Date: August 2, 2005
In an employment discrimination suit, plaintiffs have a right to recover liquidated damages from defendant-Transit Authority, for willful age discrimination, since the Age Discrimination in Employment Act authorizes such damages against public, as well as private, employers.
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