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Is Sexual Favoritism Against the Law? Maybe.: One of the reasons that so many people caution against workplace romances is the issue of sexual favoritism. What happens when the boss starts making decisions at work based upon who he or she is involved with at home? Not only can it be very messy when the relationship is over, but it can also be very messy while the relationship is in progress, especially if the person who is involved with the boss is perceived to be getting special treatment. However, unless you were the person in the relationship, and it subsequently went sour, causing you to be treated badly, there wasn't much that could be done legally. Now, the California Supreme Court has recognized that those not involved in the relationship may have some legal rights, but exactly how far this decision really goes remains to be seen.
this week in the courts
Darnell v. Thermafiber, Inc.  (Seventh Circuit; No. 04-2170)
Decision Date: July 29, 2005
Dismissal of plaintiff's suit, alleging discrimination in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, is affirmed where his uncontrolled diabetes made him a direct threat to workplace safety.

Walker v. Abbott Lab.  (Seventh Circuit; No. 04-3119)
Decision Date: July 29, 2005
In a racial discrimination suit, summary judgment in favor of defendant-employer is affirmed over plaintiff's claim that defendant did not follow its own employment rules.
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