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Minimum Wage: Taking it to the States: Since 1997, workers have waited in vain for Congress to pass an increase to the federal minimum wage. But some workers, tired of waiting for federal advances that do not seem likely any time soon, have taken matters into their own hands on the state level. In several states, activists have successfully nudged state legislatures into significantly increasing state minimum wage rates, which trump the federal minimum wage when they are higher. Perhaps their efforts will ultimately shame Congress into doing something positive for the American worker, but until then, state campaigns may be the only ray of hope in our otherwise bleak wage picture.
this week in the courts
Mercado v. The Ritz-Carlton  (First Circuit; No. 04-1630)
Decision Date: May 31, 2005
Dismissal of plaintiffs' untimely filed employment discrimination claim is reversed where they are entitled to factual development of their claim for equitable tolling.
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