an update for the week of may 30, 2005
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Military Sacrifice Shouldn't Include a Job: At the time of year when we're reminded of the enormous sacrifices those who serve in our military make, it's also a good time to emphasize that losing a job should not be one of those sacrifices. When most military reservists are seeing more active duty time than they ever expected, they shouldn't also have to worry about whether their jobs will be there when they returned. So consider it your patriotic duty to share this information with a reservist!
Is It the End of the AFL-CIO as We Know It?: The reports are increasingly alarming: there's a major disagreement these days amongst the leading unions in the AFL-CIO, which could lead to a major schism as the labor federation turns 50 this year. Will major internal reforms and/or the election of a new AFL-CIO leader be enough to prevent a major breakup from happening? No one seems to be terribly clear on how it's all going to work out, and whether the next few months will lead to the establishment of a new separate organization comprised of the leading dissidents. What is clear, however, is that unions are more needed than ever, so it's extremely critical that whatever happens ultimately strengthens the labor movement, rather than marginalizes it into oblivion.
this week in the courts
Leonard v. Southwestern Bell Corp.  (Eighth Circuit; No. 04-2752, 04-3363)
Decision Date: May 27, 2005
In a dispute concerning an employer's benefit plan, denial of plaintiff's motion for attorney's fees is reversed where his suit has benefited others.
Campbell v. Gen. Dynamics  (First Circuit; No. 04-1828)
Decision Date: May 23, 2005
A mandatory arbitration agreement, contained in a dispute resolution policy linked to an emailed company-wide announcement, is unenforceable where defendant-employer provided inadequate notice of the contractual nature of the emailed policy.
Thanks to all early sponsors of our upcoming celebration of NELA's 20th anniversary.
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