an update for the week of april 18, 2005
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Women Still Working for Last Year's Wages: Just a few days after paying last year's taxes, women are still receiving last year's wages as well. Today (Tuesday, April 19) is Equal Pay Day, designed to call attention to this country's disparity in wages by gender. The month is selected to represent the amount of additional time that women have to work to make the same amount of wages that men made by December 31 of last year, while the day, Tuesday, is selected to represent when womens' wages catch up from the previous week. We look forward to the day that this event is celebrated in March, February, or even January, and especially to the day that we no longer need to observe it at all.
New EEOC Call Center Now Fielding Calls From the Heartland: Workers who have faced discrimination made illegal by federal law--age, race, sex, disability, color, religion, and national origin--will soon learn, if they have not already, that filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is generally a necessary first step towards pursuing a discrimination claim against their employer. To start this process, workers have previously been required to contact the nearest EEOC office. Now the EEOC, in an effort to improve efficiency and assist workers more effectively, has a centralized call center, the National Contact Center (NCC), based in Lawrence, Kansas. Although the proposal was controversial, and efforts were made to derail the new call center, since March 21, 2005, the NCC has been open for business and accepting calls from the public.
this week in the courts
NLRB v. Air Contact Transport, Inc.  (Fourth Circuit; No. 03-2513)
Decision Date: April 11, 2005
In a wrongful termination dispute, judgment in favor of plaintiff is affirmed where defendant-employer had an improper motive when it deterred plaintiff-employee's activities that were protected under section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act.
Thanks to all early sponsors of our upcoming celebration of NELA's 20th anniversary.
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