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Is Hard Work Still a Virtue?: It used to be known as the American way: those who work hard get ahead in life. Those who didn't work hard would be stuck at the bottom of the economic heap, and, so the story goes, it was their own fault. Now, the American workplace has begun a transformation where those who work the hardest are still often trapped at the bottom, and have increasingly fewer options for advancing to a point where the work will not be so difficult.
New "Pay and Hours" Section at Workplace Fairness Site Complete: Everyone who works, should get paid, or there's a problem, especially if you're working for someone else. Not everyone faces workplace discrimination or needs family leave, but those who work for a living want to make sure that they are paid correctly for the hours that they work. If you have questions about getting paid, the "pay and hours" section of the Workplace Fairness website,, is for you.
this week in the courts
Lutz v. Glendale Union High Sch.  (Ninth Circuit; No. 03-15745)
Decision Date: April 8, 2005
In wrongful termination suit, judgment in favor of plaintiff is reversed where the district court erred in submitting the issue of liability to the jury since plaintiff waived her right to have a jury determine that issue when she did not make a timely request for a jury trial.
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