an update for the week of september 16, 2003
Each week, Workplace Week brings you news and commentary on critical issues affecting employees and advocates. Workplace Week now returns after a one-week vacation.

In this edition: disability leave and new drug testing case.
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Look, the Administration Created One Job: The Administration's Labor Day solution for the plight of the American worker: to create one job. At a Labor Day rally in Ohio, the President announced that he would create a new national position: assistant secretary of commerce for manufacturing.
this week in the courts
Ishikawa v. Delta Airlines, Inc.  (Ninth Circuit; No. 01-35863)
Decision Date: September 12, 2003
An airline employee's state common law tort action against a negligent urine testing laboratory is not preempted by the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 and related FAA regulations.
Hadnot v. Bay, Ltd.  (Fifth Circuit; No. 03-40325)
Decision Date: September 11, 2003
The district court did not err in holding the arbitration provision of an employment contract valid and enforceable, after striking a ban on the arbitrator's authority to award exemplary and punitive damages as applied to a Title VII claim.
Fraser v. Goodale  (Ninth Circuit; No. 01-36018)
Decision Date: September 8, 2003
An ADA plaintiff presented a genuine issue of material fact that her diabetes substantially limited her daily activity of eating; contents of a diary could be considered at the summary judgment stage.
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