an update for the week of january 10, 2005
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Much Ado About Nothing? Just Look at Your Next Paycheck: Regular readers of this blog are well aware of the ongoing battle to prevent new overtime regulations from going into effect. You may have noticed, however, that Workplace Fairness, as well as other groups working in opposition to the new regulations, have not been focusing so much on this issue lately. Now we are hearing the latest spin from those on the defense side, which is that the whole battle was "much ado about nothing"-- one that was engaged in for political rather than substantive reasons. Once the white flag has essentially been waved, one might expect a little more graciousness (and intellectual honesty) from the victors. Or maybe not.
this week in the courts
EEOC v. Seafarers Int'l  (Fourth Circuit; No. 03-2057)
Decision Date: January 7, 2005
The age discrimination prohibitions of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act extend to include apprenticeship programs.
Konits v. Valley Stream Cent. High School  (Second Circuit; No. 04-2106)
Decision Date: January 7, 2005
A First Amendment retaliation lawsuit, predicated on speech about gender discrimination against a fellow employee that directly implicates the access of the courts to truthful testimony, is speech on a matter of public concern.
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