an update for the week of august 25, 2003
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In this edition: older workers face workplace challenges, and minimum wage laws
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Confusing Job Market for Older Workers: With the economy as it is, we've been hearing lots of talk about how tough it is right now for older workers, and how the number of age discrimination complaints and lawsuits have skyrocketed. That's why a new Christian Science Monitor article was initially perplexing.
this week in the courts
Bell v. Clackamas County  (Ninth Circuit; No. 01-35508/35545)
Decision Date: August 20, 2003
A Title VII plaintiff offered specific and substantial circumstantial evidence that he was terminated because of complaints regarding racial profiling and racial comments, rather than an inability to respond to training; reduction of punitive damages against individual defendants is reversed.
Yuhasz v. Brush Wellman, Inc.  (Sixth Circuit; No. 02-3087)
Decision Date: August 20, 2003
The district court correctly found that plaintiff failed to allege a qui tam action for purported False Claims Act violations with sufficient particularity as required by FRCP 9(b); a claim for wrongful termination in retaliation for allegations of wrongdoing was also properly dismissed.
Alexander v. Anthony Int'l, L.P.  (Third Circuit; No. 02-3764)
Decision Date: August 19, 2003
An arbitration agreement contained in an hourly employment contract was unenforceable due to procedural and substantive unconscionability under Virgin Islands law contractual principles, and severance is not an appropriate remedy.
Lampley v. Onyx Acceptance Corp.  (Seventh Circuit; No. 02-3201)
Decision Date: August 18, 2003
The jury in a Title VII employment discrimination case could reasonably have determined that punitive damages were appropriate in a retaliatory discharge claim, and that a total award of $345,000 was appropriate.
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