an update for the week of november 29, 2004
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Giving Thanks: It's Hard Work: It's that time of year again--the time that we're supposed to give thanks for what we have (and depending on your personal traditions, eat a lot of turkey and/or watch a lot of football.) So I thought I'd take a look at what the American worker has to be thankful about. I wish the list had been a little longer, but there's always next year (or 2008.)
this week in the courts
Hall v. Babb  (Seventh Circuit; 03-3631)
Decision Date: November 24, 2004
Plaintiff's suit, alleging employment discrimination based on political affiliation, is dismissed where the evidence was insufficient to create an issue of material fact as to whether political motivation was a substantial factor in defendants' decision to hire.
Powell v. Alexander  (First Circuit; 02-2218)
Decision Date: November 24, 2004
In a wrongful termination suit, a punitive damage award against defendant is affirmed over her challenge that punitive damages are unavailable for lack of notice that she was being sued in her individual capacity and subject to personal liability.
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