This Tuesday was Human Rights Day, and we know that human rights are workers' rights as well.

Workers’ rights include work and freedom of association to equal opportunity and protection against discrimination. Specific rights related to the workplace include health and safety in the workplace and the right to privacy at work, notice of job loss/layoffs, and many other topics.

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights provides many protections for workers, but it can still be difficult dealing with issues such as mass layoffs. However, there are still protections put in place for workers in a mass layoff/plant closing scenario. The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) Protects workers, their families and communities by requiring most employers with 100 or more employees to provide notification 60 calendar days in advance of plant closings and mass layoffs.

Workplace Fairness provides information about whether and how you may be protected by the WARN Act from Plant Closing and Mass Layoff. We also know that losing your job, especially during the holiday season can be very difficult. Workplace Fairness provides resources to help you through this difficult time and strategies to Cope With Job Loss.

Workplace Fairness is committed to educating the American workforce about their rights in the workplace and how to protect and enforce them. Get information about issues in the workplace like harassment, discrimination, unpaid wages and more at Workplace Fairness.

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Paid Leave for All

Workplace Fairness supports Paid Leave For All. The need for care will impact everyone in this country, whether you're welcoming a child or caring for your parents or facing illness or injury yourself. That's why we need an inclusive and comprehensive paid leave policy that covers all working people—no matter where you work or live or whom you love.

This issue is starting to get the attention it deserves on both sides of the aisle, but details matter. Plans that do not provide time for care or take away from other benefits are simply not paid leave programs, and won't meet the needs of families or a 21st century economy.

Paid Leave For All is bringing together the communities and tools to deliver a comprehensive and inclusive solution, and a win.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your life and your livelihood. Being there for family is what matters—no exceptions. --Dawn Huckelbridge, Director for the Paid Leave for All campaign

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In the Courts more

Trevisan Hudson, et al. v. P.I.P Inc., et al.

A clause in a Florida pest-control company’s employment agreement requiring each side to cover their own attorney fees in arbitration can’t be enforced because it conflicts with a Fair Labor Standards Act provision that allows workers who win suits to recoup legal costs. The Eleventh Circuit affirmed the district court's conclusion that the fees and costs clause of the arbitration provisions were unenforceable.

December 11, 2019

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