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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

National Partnership for Women and Families

Workplace Fairness joins the National Partnership for Women and Families in supporting the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

"Every time a woman is fired, forced to take leave, denied a promotion or not hired because she is pregnant or because an employer fears she might become pregnant, she is experiencing discrimination – and it hurts her, her family and our economy. It’s also illegal."

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33% of Parents Went Into Debt to Pay for Summer Childcare in 2018

In These Times Editors

GM strike continues and Chicago teachers gear up for a strike, this week in the war on workers

Laura Clawson

How Have Health Workers Won Improvements to Patient Care? Strikes.

Suzanne Gordon

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Logan v. MGM Grand Detroit Casino

The contractual limitation period cannot supersede the statutory limitation period for bringing suit under Title VII. The Title VII limitation period is part of an elaborate pre-suit process that must be followed before any litigation may commence. Contractual alteration of this process abrogates substantive rights and contravenes Congress’s uniform nationwide legal regime for Title VII lawsuits.

October 3, 2019

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6 Steps to Building a Better Workplace for Black Employees

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