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Workplace Fairness joins other worker's rights organizations in commenting on the proposed CFPB Debt Collection Rule.

"The undersigned organizations advocate on behalf of working people and write to comment on the proposed debt collection rule. We urge you to improve the rule in order to better protect low-income workers.
Debt collection is very much an industry built on low wage working families. Studies have described working families often having delinquent debt causing financial and psychological stress “with the pressure of being repeatedly contacted by creditors seeking repayment.”
We urge the Bureau to consider the disproportionate impact debt collection has on struggling families when crafting this rule."

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Trump labor board's drive to hurt temp and fast food workers hits another conflict-of-interest snag

Laura Clawson

UAW workers stay on strike in 'battle for the middle class'

Laura Clawson

49,000 Striking Auto Workers Should Vote No on “Two-Tier.” Here’s Why.

Jane Slaughter

How Does the Passage of AB 5 in California Affect Me and Others in the Gig Economy?

Patrick R. Kitchin

Hey, Uber and Lyft: Gig Work Is Work. California Just Said So.

Michelle Chen

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Jeffra v. Cal. State Lottery

Affirmed. Plaintiff was an investigator employed by the California State Lottery. He sued Defendant alleging retaliation in violation of the California Whistleblower Protection Act. Defendant filed an anti-SLAPP motion to strike Plaintiff’s complaint. The trial court denied the motion. The appeals court agreed finding Plaintiff had established his complaint arose from a protected activity and that he was likely to succeed on the merits of his claim.

September 18, 2019

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The gender pay gap will remain until companies change their ways

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If restaurant servers get a minimum-wage hike, should you still tip 20 percent?

Business, worker groups split over pending increase in Missouri's minimum wage to $7.35 an hour

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